Snow Day

School cancelled this morning due to weather. I supposed the districts have so many snow days allotted for the season and they need to use them up. This, of course, doesn’t effect me in the least as I’ve no kids and no need to leave the house for anything. I work from home. I work like it’s not snowing. It’s supposed to change to rain. May already have changed to rain. But I’m hoping some of the white stuff will stick. All that green in January is just so depressing.

I overslept today. Did not get to bed at a decent time last night. Been restless and on edge. Too much coffee perhaps? Since last week’s drought. Didn’t seem to accomplish much yesterday either. I made some kick-ass guacamole! Yummers! I’ve got all these new kitchen gadgets since Christmas that I’m dying to play with. Mashers and mixers, slice and dice, blend and puree. Fun goodness! I’ve also got some food stuff that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself. Like the pure New Brunswick maple syrup I poured all over my locally ground organic all natural no additives buckwheat pancakes yesterday. I had forgotten how fabulous the buckwheat pancake can be. They certainly stick by ya! Breakfast almost ruined me for guacamole supper many many hours later.

Today I’ve got to do something with portobello mushrooms. Maybe burgers. Maybe something else that allows me to experiment with some of that fiery hot red pepper paste and funky rice blend. We shall see what the day begets. I am trying to start this year off right by continuing the somewhat sporadic trend I started last year of eating breakfast every day. People who eat breakfast are healthier, thinner, more energetic, and lots of good stuff. It’s a positive thing! But I struggle. I’ve never been a morning eater. I’ve always been a one meal per day person. Dinner and that’s all. Which is not a good way to live. Today I had a banana. I think that’s okay. I don’t think you necessarily have to eat a big meal, a piece of fruit is enough for breakfast. I’m trying to eat more fruit. I’ve got the veggie thing down pat. I am the queen of the big salad, but my fruit consumption needs some work. So I’ve got some organic bananas and granny smiths and some canned peaches and pineapple and lots of frozen berries on hand. Hey! Maybe I could do something with some fish and those portobellos. That’s a thought.

Who knew I would ever enjoy cooking so much? Like back in the day, when I was finding my way, and generally being stomped into the ground everywhere I turned. When I was starving myself and depressed and so afraid to move lest I make a mistake . . . I would never have imagined I’d ever take so much joy from cooking. Thank God, I’m not into the whole baking thing or I’d easily weigh 500 pounds by now.

Mood: thankful
Drinking: coffee, jungle blend, with lottsa cream
Listening To: is that a snowplow?
Hair: brown, as close to my natural as it ever gets

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