Dream A Little Dream

Not a lot crossed off yesterday’s to-do list (in the new dayplanner!) yet I feel like I got soooo much done. There’s still more to do today (isn’t there always?) but I’m feeling really good about the way the week (month & year) is shaping up. Organization and productivity will be mine!

I slept in my bed last night for the first time since returning from Miramichi. Yes, I’ve been snoozing on the futon again. I’m not real sure why this tends to happen right before I leave for a trip and directly after I return. Perhaps it has something to do with piles of suitcases, clothes, cds, books, dvds, magazines, papers, shoes, etc. on my bed. Could be. At any rate, yesterday I unpacked every last thing and put the suitcases back into storage, changed my sheets, washed my comforter, and slept in my bed. It was fabulous! I got such a good rest, in very little time. I stayed up really late. I watched an Aussie movie called Danny Deckchair on Showcase. I had wanted to see this film since I saw a preview on a dvd. I had it zipped. As inspiring screwball romantic comedies go, this one is pretty genius. It’s a wonderful feel-good film. Or at least from midnight to 2am it was.

Then I found myself watching Criss Angel’s Mindfreak on the Discovery Channel for an hour or so. And I thought David Blaine was scary freaky! Yikes! I’ve seen this program before, quite awhile ago, but all the levitation and burning really freaked me out in the wee hours this morning. How does he do that?!

After 4am I found myself watching an old movie on CBC with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. I’ve no idea what it was called. I had never seen it before. It was pretty darn funny though, the parts I saw, I fell asleep after about 35 minutes. Lemmon was a newspaper reporter, Matthau his editor. Lemmon was quitting the biz to move away with his girl and take a sweet advertising job in her uncle’s firm. During his going away party (which seemed to be taking place in the media room of a prison where an execution was happening soon) the soon to be hanged star criminal shoots the headshrinker and escapes. Lemmon’s replacement rookie reporter proves himself to be useless in all the shooting and sirens, so Lemmon goes after the story and gets a scoop. That’s all I saw, pretty much. Anyone know what this is called?

I was wide awake by 6:30 this morning, but didn’t think I ought to get up after so little sleep, so I stayed in bed dozing and dreaming until about 9:30. Somebody cooked serious breakfast in the house around 8am, which was highly unusual . . . unless they hadn’t gone to bed yet. Hmm. Anyway, I had a weird and disturbing dream just before I got up. In some of my dreams I own a piece of land on the main road just outside the Blackville village limits, before you get to Burke’s Diner, about where the trailer park is now. In the dreams it’s like an acre of hay surrounded by woods. I’m always trying to sell it for extra cash. So in this morning’s dream I get a phone call from the village office (I guess it must be inside the village limits in the dream) from Sarah M. to be exact (who I don’t think has ever worked for the village office in real life). It’s around 5:30pm, a beauty summer evening of sunshine. She calls and doesn’t want to freak me out but she explains that she’s a ?? I’m not sure what term she used. She didn’t say psychic, though what she went on to tell me made it appear as if she were psychic. It was more like she had studied this practice and gotten certificates in it though, like a natureopath or something.

Anyway, she kind of timidly explains that she’s got this other not so normal thing going on in her life and she’s had a vision or something and she’s calling to tell me that I need to sell my property and I need to sell it right now, like tonight. I just need to get rid of it immediately before more terrible things happen. She says the village council can take it off my hands for $500 and she’s already got the paperwork drawn up. She’s working late, until 7:30, and then she can bring the papers and a cheque by my house. Five hundred bucks is nothing for this piece of land, so I press her for details on what exactly is wrong with the property. There’s a lot of silences on the phone, like the line is cutting in and out. But I get from her that the property is somehow evil and able to attach evilness to people and it’s already done some nasty work in my family and it’s all going to get a whole lot worse really quick if I don’t dump this property right now. She’s pulled strings to get this all approved for me in so little time.

By this time I am overcome with a really bad feeling, about the land, about this call and all the unnatural cutting in and out when we’re both on land lines. But still, $500!! Surely, I can get more for it than that, I’ve had some interest from a couple of people. Maybe I can push a sale through myself. I tell her this and she says she doesn’t think I’m getting how serious this is, that I absolutely need to get rid of this property this evening or really bad things are going to happen and it’ll be too late. I want to know what exactly, and the phone line is cutting in and out really badly now, but I hear my brother Lee’s name and something about a terminal illness and accidents and death and that’s only the beginning. But it’s all so choppy. Still, I’m taking her seriously. I tell her I want to see if I can find a buyer on my own. She warns me again and says if I want to take the village deal to give her a call back, she’ll be in the office until 7:30pm. I hang up and start looking for the phone book to give a couple of people a call and see if they’ll buy this tonight, right now, at a discounted price but still more than the $500 the village is offering.

I hear a banging coming from Lee’s bedroom and I go in to see what’s going on. He has a lamp that he’s trying to turn on or off but the switch is broke off so there’s just a piece of sharp metal sticking out and he’s hitting it with the palm of his hand. In my mind I can see him impaling himself on this lamp switch and I yell at him to stop, then I lay into him about doing stupid things and thinking about consequences to his actions. I tell him about the call I just got. Warn him that he needs to be particularly careful until I get this thing settled. But he won’t listen. We’re screaming at each other and he’s punching the walls and breaking things in his room and getting ready to leave. He won’t believe me. He’s leaving the house. I can’t stop him. It’s infuriating.

I wake up.

Yes, I guess I am worried about my brother. Yes, he won’t listen to anyone who tries to help him. Yes, I’m concerned about what he’s mixed up in and who he’s mixed up with. I try not to think about it, because there’s nothing more I can do. But I guess these things come out anyway. In dreams.

It’s a beautiful day here, sunshine, blue skies, white clouds (the fluffy kind). The temperature is falling. It’s only 5 degrees now, when it was still 12 degrees last time I checked at 10:30 last night. I think it’s time to have pancakes! With peaches! And real maple syrup! (Thank you, Stacy) Later I will go buy limes and cilantro and maybe picture frames. Today I am making guacamole . . . and maybe salsa . . . and perhaps meatless veggie tacos (depending on the expiry date on my meatless meat). Today I will use more new kitchen toys I got for Christmas! FUN!

Mood: awesome
Drinking: coffee!!!
Listening To: Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake
Hair: needs hairapy!

2 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

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  1. The movie is called The Front Page. I watched it too.
    The movie we saw is a remake of one made in the 30s and is the main reason so many non-reporter people misunderstand the news business.
    Funny as hell though.


  2. Thanks so much for this! I was driving myself crazy trying to find this movie. It’s much newer than what I thought, which may have been the problem with my search. It was so funny but I just couldn’t stay away to watch anymore, so now I have it Zipped for rental. Thanks again!


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