Feel Like Dancing

I walked everywhere yesterday! Out to Main Street for stuff twice. Out to the Co-Op. Around the Swan Pond. Kellie needs a new pair of shoes. For real. Mine are done in. I’m thinking I might get some sort of hiking shoe. Maybe that would be more durable than the usual run of the mill runner. Maybe I should go to Wanderlust Outfitters and see what they have. Maybe. Right now, it’s raining. It’s 11 degrees and rain. This is January? How can those people say Global Warming isn’t happening?

I was beat last night. In bed by 8. Well, not asleep in bed, just lying down and watching tv. Sleep never came til halfway through Letterman. The Donald was on. Blech! Does he know how disgusting he is? Major headache. Thought it would go away with sleep. But it didn’t. Still achy this morning. Thought maybe coffee would take it away. No such luck. Guess I’ll have to take something. It’s so funny that I’m one of those people who doesn’t take stuff anymore, when I used to be chocked full of pills everyday. It’s strange what we become when we pay attention.

So I used my coffee grinder this morning. Yay! Fun stuff. I went to Jacob’s Larder yesterday and got some beans. Fair Trade Organic. And I forget what blend. It was something I couldn’t get at Co-Op. Touted as their most intense and diverse blend ever. Expensive though. It’ll likely be Save-Easy for beans for now on. I also got some ground coffee while I was out at the Co-Op. I’ve gone all week without coffee!! It’s cruel and unusual punishment. People shouldn’t have to live that way. There’s no need for it. I suspect I’ll fill my freezer with coffee for a rainy day the next couple of weeks to compensate.

I got some licorice tea yesterday too. I’ve never had it before, but Stacy says it’s good for you. She doesn’t care for it much but forces herself to drink a cup every now and then. I had some last night. It is not great. I can force a cup right after supper maybe every now and then. Chammomile, I can’t force. Ugh! Hate it. Can’t really force Green Tea either. I keep trying the green stuff and I keep giving it away to Jenn, lol. Not sure whether she drinks it or not. Rooibos is my favourite. And Chai. I have Russian Tea at my Mom’s that I always forget to pack and bring home with me. It’s not herbal, very black tea. It’s a pretty good substitute for coffee when I’m in Miramichi. My parents never have coffee. Well, sometimes they have instant . . . but . . . you really have to be in a mood to go for instant first thing in the morning.

I overslept. Don’t know what’s wrong with me. Didn’t get up until almost 11:30 and even then it was a struggle. This headache is really zapping me. And of course the above zero temps have flared my arthritis. Pain really takes a lot out of you on so many levels. I never knew that before. I always thought that you just deal with the pain and that is all, but no, there’s more. So much more.

So yesterday on my grocery shopping excursion to restock the larder (the refrigerator bulges!) I decided I was going to buy some meat (because I have none and my vegetarian experiment has ended). So, I went to the meat counters at Save-Easy and Co-Op and I looked everything all over . . . and I was completely repulsed at the idea of cooking any of it. I couldn’t do it. In the end I just got a couple of packages of chicken wings (because I always loved chicken wings done up in lots of Frank’s Hot Sauce), a fillet of Alaskan sole, and a can of tuna just because I felt like I had totally failed at the meat counter. I cooked a package of chicken wings for supper last night. Seven wings, almost five bucks . . . and that was on sale. In the pre-vegetarian days I would have eaten the seven in one sitting, with a side salad and a glass of wine. But even after I cooked them, I was still a bit repulsed, so I struggled to even eat one. Forced two. Mind you, eating seven in one sitting is hardly necessary, a couple is plenty. Maybe they’ll grow on me. Maybe I’ll have better luck with the fish. I just want some protein. Some nutrients. You know. It can’t be all chick peas all the time, can it?

Ramble done.

Mood: achy
Drinking: coffee, FRESH GROUND!
Listening To: What the Fuck is Ladylike?, Storm Large and the Balls
Hair: sticking up every which way

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