Heat Wave

It’s a balmy 6 degrees this morning on the Tantramarsh, slight drizzle, no remnant of snow or ice or anything remotely winter-like about the place. Blah! So yesterday I bought myself a new day planner for 2007. Normally I go for the full page per day kind, and then never use them. So this year I’m trying something different with the full week two page spread view. The weekly spread also has a column with sections for Phone, Fax/Email, See/Do, Write, and To Pay/To Receive. There’s also a space to put your Priority on each day. A separate pull-out address book in the back. All kinds of maps and info, lots of room for notes, yet not a huge size, just a smidgen bigger than the one I’ve always had in the past (and never really used). So, I’m optimistic about this one. I was using an electronic organizer called TimeTo that I really really loved, but after trying it out (and actually using it every day!) for three months I need to buy it or put up with annoying reminders that I’m past my free trial period. And at $79.99 USD . . . well, lets just try some paper first, eh?

I had to go to the video store to buy S&J movies for their birthday (Happy Birthday today!). I got them Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. Of course there was the 2 for $14.99 deal on the wall which also sucked me in but I managed to restrain myself and only buy two titles– Elizabethtown and Breakfast on Pluto. Yay! More Cameron Crowe and more Cillian Murphy. Yes, I am obsessed. I also bought myself a new calendar for the kitchen while I was at the bookstore. The one I wanted before Christmas was sold out though 😦 but oh well, that’s what I get for waiting until the new year sales on calendars.

I am determined to get my house and my self in order today. It’s the first morning in many weeks that I woke up able to breathe (for the most part) without the assistance of mind numbing drugs. Today I will clean and restock the larder and do laundry and WORK, WORK, WORK! It’ll be a lovely day.

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: earl grey tea, black
Listening To: Angels and Darlas, Say Hi To Your Mom
Hair: a bit flat

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