Month: January 2007

Not Better, Much Worse

My apartment was broken into on the weekend. I don’t know if anything was stolen. I am still in Miramichi and cannot return yet. I am stuck in Miramichi, trying to write overly optimistic crap, when my world is falling completely apart. I am homeless. I may have […]


I may be having some kind of . . . I don’t know, emotional collapse, for lack of a better term and not wanting to toss around the very cliche and over-used “nervous breakdown.” Perhaps I’m just exhausted. I can count this week’s hours of sleep on two […]

And the Lord Said . . .

Let there be mice! Okay, Goddess Universe, I get it, you can stop anytime now. I’m moving. I’m looking for a place. I’m leaving as soon as I possibly can. No need to send any more messengers. I’m outta here! There’ll be no waiting on the income tax […]


I may as well become a nocturnal creature. Like the damned critters living in my walls. I wish I knew what it was for sure . . . without letting them into the house. Is it bats? Sometimes it sounds pretty batty. Is it mice? Or moles? Or […]


Not a good day to begin a fast. Maybe I can do some prep to begin next week? Maybe. Yeah, that’s a solid plan. Too much on the go mental-wise at this time on so many levels to focus on such a task. It’s supposed to be a […]


So for awhile now I’ve wanted to do a cleansing fast. It may even be on my list of 101 things to do. I should check. There are some things on that list that I have to scratch off as impossible because they are Sackville related and I […]

I Been Streeped

So I’ve been watching a lot of movies this weekend. It’s kinda funny. I think it’s part of my “process.” Because I am writing stories for the February BnM. I am editing stories for the February BnM. It’s almost February and I should be working on these stories […]

A Meme Day

Because I’m feeling very uninspired, uncreative and just plain lazy. If moolah were not an object… 1. … what computer would you buy? MacBook Pro 2. … what cell phone would you want to have? None. I hate cellphones. 3. … what vehicle would you own? Limo and […]

Silly Dreams

I was dreaming something. Something bothersome. But then I got up and life sucked me in and the dream nagged a little, but couldn’t withstand hours of chats and phone calls and emails and other writings. It just wasn’t that strong. Oh well, it’s probably not important. Woke […]