Stronger Than Me

No luck with the boys and bars stories. I appear to be having temporary memory and creativity lapse. Hopefully only temporary. Perhaps I do need to blog with merlot. Writers’ meeting last night. Was good. Cheesecake! Yummy! And wine. Always good. I’m beat. I mean BEAT! So tired. I did get up a bit earlier this morning than yesterday, but just. Scratchy sore throat. Stuffed up nose. Last night I watched Hotel Rwanda. I hadn’t seen it before. It’s so insane, that whole thing. Disturbing. I try to think what was I doing then that I didn’t notice this happening in the world? Was I watching OJ run away in his white bronco? Was I too drunk to notice? Did I see and not care? I can’t remember. I know it didn’t impact me at the time. It does now. Such terrible things happen in the world. People do such horrendous things to one another. Why does there have to be so much hate?

Mood: puzzled
Drinking: coffee, French Roast, black
Listening To: Say It Right, Nelly Furtado
Hair: greasy still, from too much product

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