Music Is the Victim

Am returned from yet another whirlwind weekend. Arrived in Miramichi on time Friday evening. The closer it got to time to leave on Friday afternoon, the more I felt sick and sleepy and achy and just wanting to curl into the fetal and hide. Spent the train ride semi-snoozing and trying to get my spirits up. Arrived on time, feeling somewhat better or at least able to sufficiently fake it. Stacy picked me up and we went to the Rodd for the Enterprise Miramichi Xmas do. Neither one of us were in the mood for such things though, so we didn’t stay long. Went to Zellers in search of things on Stacy’s list and killing time until our movie started.

Saw The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law and it was FABULOUS! It’s the best feel-good holiday movie I’ve seen in a long time. I’m really starting to like Nancy Meyers’ films. She also did Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Go see The Holiday! It’s fun!

Saturday morning I was up early and ready to go to the office for a BnM meeting. We didn’t leave real early though because Stacy’s Christmas tree fell down and she needed to take care of that. Still, we had an agenda and stuff so we got a lot done in our meeting. Then it was off to lunch at the Rodd where I had the first fish ‘n chip I’ve had in forever! (Yeah, I’m bringing the white meats & fish back into my repertoire.) It was really, really good! I was surprised. The last fish I had at the Rodd was undercooked . . . so much so that I actually complained to the waitress . . . only to have her say “that’s just the way we do it on the miramichi” as if I were some sort of tourist who knew nothing about fish ‘n chips. Duh! Anyway, bygones, they did a good job this time. After lunch it was more shopping to kill time until the Mighty staff party.

First we gathered at the Mighty homestead for a drink before heading to the Bull & Lyre Pub. Everyone had lasagna & caesar salad. Except for a couple of us who preferred nachos. The nachos were really great. And everyone raved about the lasagna and salad too. Several glasses of wine. A Yankee Swap where I snagged the only bottle of red. And entertainment provided by Johhny Newman’s jazz band. They were awesome! And completely looked the part too with their jackets and ties and the microphone that looked like something right out of the 30’s. I wanted to take them home with me. Had to call Jenn and let her listen in. It was a really good time. Embarrassing as well as Johnny pulled me onto an empty dance floor with him. The man is tres cool . . . and well . . . I am NOT! Great evening. Much, much, much, better than the usual curling party (that I’ve only attended once and managed to avoid every other year). We had planned on christening the new Irish pub in Chatham this year, but they couldn’t get up and running in time. Another day for them.

Sunday morning I finally got to sleep late. Woke by The Missus in the hall yelling, “Grammie! Didn’t you hear me come in?!” Later that evening we all went to see Sherry in a play. Dessert Theatre. I could’ve done without the dessert/round table part. Would’ve preferred straight forward seating, one intermission for stretching. It was not as good as I had hoped. There were some really good parts though, some funny lines. In particular, the guy who played a character inspired by Randall from Clerks was brilliant, and another guy did some fantastic accents, and all the singing was really good. But they had this rotating stage in the middle of the room that was terrible. If it hadn’t rotated so everyone was hanging on for dear life or jerking and looking like they were about to be tossed off onto the floor and rumbling louder than a train locomotive, then yeah, a second stage could’ve worked. If the lights didn’t blind half the room. Then perhaps . . . I had problems hearing some of the people on the front stage, and I was in the second row. So, I don’t know what it would be like at the back. There didn’t seem to be enough action. It was kinda boring overall. Too serious. Very predictable. I know the writer and I couldn’t help but wonder if he had been given free rein what he might have come up with, because he had some really good stuff in there. The amount of research and work he put into it as it was, was pretty impressive. What was crazy impressive though is the amount of people involved! Wow! A huge ensemble cast! I gotta give them props for that. My sister said the first night they did it was better . . . I’m just not into the whole “make you cry” at christmas thing. Christmas can be sad enough on its own, if you want to dwell on the people you won’t be sharing it with this year. Something feel good, inspiring, funny . . . that’s more my speed. Holiday themed stuff is hard though, difficult to pull off something original. I’m looking forward to seeing them do more stuff though.

Came home yesterday. Watched The Family Stone last night. Not as good as The Holiday, but it was okay.

Mood: fuzzy
Drinking: coffee with skim, cran-raspberry juice, water
Listening To: Move Along, The All American Rejects
Hair: greying bad

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  1. Loved this post Kellie I enjoy when you give me details. Newman IS cool he played for my sisters wedding reception a few years ago and that was the first time I had heard him. Tell us some boy and bar stories (my personal favorite) I never am sure if they are real or a product of your rich imagination. Merry Christmas Kellie you are a precious jewel.


  2. Hmm . . . boy/bar stories . . . I’ll see what I can do. Johnny Newman is the coolest! Apparently a long time fave on the river with his rock ‘n roll band, I too had never heard tell of him. I’m not much for the old time rock ‘n roll but this new jazz thing he’s doing is spectacular.


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