Where Am I Going?

I hoped I would wake to a winter wonderland, but no such luck. Haven’t even had any rain, the snowfall warning is over, ditto for the winter storm watch . . . and all I’m left with is the promise of freezing rain around noon. Oh well. It’s going to be a good day. A great week. Never mind that I overslept and did not get up when my alarm went off. No matter. I remain optimistic.

Heading to the Chi on Friday again. Christmas partying straight off the train no doubt. Likely bnm meetings on Saturday. Dessert Theatre with family on Sunday, where I’ll finally get to see my sister’s amateur theatre group in action. Busy weekend. Hopefully there’ll be time to relax somewhere in there. Back to Bagtown on Monday for another couple weeks before I head to the river for Christmas.

I feel excited today. Happy. I think elated might be the word. This print bnm thing is pretty stressful by times. But it’s a good kind of stress, it’s the kind of deadline/editorial pressure cooker type stress that kept me in journalism after I realized their task was to beat the creativity out of me and reprogram my writing mind. I liken Ryerson to army boot camp. It felt like they took away everything, stripped us bare, so they could rebuild us the way they needed us to be. In the beginning I struggled, rebelled, hated it. They weren’t about to bend to my will. They kicked me out. I took a year to cool off and then continued. This time I accepted my fate. Played their game. Allowed myself to be stripped and shaped. I emerged with a news mind, a nose for the scent of scandal . . . and no adjectives in my writing vocabulary. It would be 10 years before I discovered adjectives and adverbs again. Another five years before I re-learned how to use them. But now, I’m so thankful I went that route, because I think I have more skills than I would’ve otherwise.

But what was I saying before I got off on the Rye-High tangent . . . oh yeah! I’m having a good day, great week. Hope you are too.

Mood: elated


• adjective extremely happy and excited.
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Rehab, Amy Winehouse
Hair: really nice! no seriously, it’s REALLY nice!

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