Month: December 2006

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Last night I finally broke down and took some sinus meds before going to bed. Drowsy ones I found in my medicine chest. I woke up groggy (of course) and feeling like I must’ve slept until late afternoon (I didn’t). I’m still groggy, yawning. I’m hoping the coffee […]

Ain’t So Heavy

Stolen from Jenn. What was your favorite movie in 2006?If I had to pick just one, I’d say The Departed. But I also really liked Bon Cop, Bad Cop and Inside Man and of course, The Holiday.What was your favorite book in 2006?Not a big year for reading […]

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Sooner or later you’re going to be inspired. You know who you are. 1) What was your very first job with a paycheck?In my graduating year of high school I wrote a weekly column highlighting events at my school for the local community newspaper. They’d send me a […]


One time I worked with this guy who was very Joey-like (Matt LeBlanc’s character from Friends). He was Italian and had that “How you doin’?” smile thing going on. So frigging cute! He was one of the junior techies, hardware not software. You didn’t call him when your […]


More Meme. Why not? You could do it too . . . Crushes1) Who was your first crush? (Celebrity or average) My first celebrity crush was Elvis Presley. I loved him! I remember his movies were on every afternoon. I watched them all. I dreamed about growing up […]

Sunny Side of the Street

I’m really sick. No denying it. I can barely talk, my voice is so hoarse. Luckily, I have nobody to talk with, so no worries. I’m so puffy that my eyes are little Asian slits, which is an interesting look for me of the big baby blues. And […]


He likes anorexic girls because they don’t menstruate. It’s a theory. Came to me in a serial-killer-on-the-loose dream. He hated menstruation. Like a trip into the dark ages, brown paper wrapping, hidden and undiscussed, certainly no sex during. I may have been borderline anorexic, I don’t know for […]

Stronger Than Me

No luck with the boys and bars stories. I appear to be having temporary memory and creativity lapse. Hopefully only temporary. Perhaps I do need to blog with merlot. Writers’ meeting last night. Was good. Cheesecake! Yummy! And wine. Always good. I’m beat. I mean BEAT! So tired. […]