Your Chief

Well I survived the Saint John excursion. I was extremely tired by the time I got back home, but restless, so I couldn’t sleep. I ended up sleeping all day yesterday. Seriously, Saint John was very good. The board meeting went well. Lunch was . . . well, just okay with a vegetarian thin crust pizza that was not so thin and pretty soggy . . . but fabulous because I got to meet Alistair Macleod and talk about Bread ‘n Molasses and the Miramichi and writing and making movies and lots of fun stuff. Then we went to his talk. He’s a great speaker. Quite funny. And I came away with a new way of looking at my writing, which is always cool. I ran into an old friend who works at the Arts Centre and I hadn’t seen for quite some time, which was a great surprise. He is supposed to email me, as I lost all his contact info in the great computer crash of 2006. So, if you’re reading this, email me so I may know you once again and never drop in unexpectedly and unannounced again 🙂 The playwriting workshop in the afternoon was jam-packed with info and for me, very inspirational. I am going to write a play! I think I can do it! I think I know how now! Yay! The drive home didn’t seem to take as long as the drive in. We were back in no time. I enjoyed vegetable samosas with mango chutney for dinner and tried to crash early. I did fall asleep on the futon in front of the tv for about 20 minutes. Then I got up and went to bed only to roll round and round, restless. So I went back to the futon in front of the tv and fell asleep for another 20 minutes. Tried the bed again, same thing, round and round. Finally I just went to the futon, turned on the tv and stayed there. Not sure why I needed to sleep on metal bars with noise in the background, but there you go. I slept.

I leave for Miramichi on Wednesday. Back again Saturday. Just in time for a one-nite visit from Stacy, followed by a visit from Trish on Monday (last I heard). So, lots on the go. BnM production week. Oh boy! Lots of work to do.

I floated the idea of my moving to the Sackville ladies . . . did not go over well. I don’t know what to do. I’m torn. Luckily there’s lots of time to figure this thing out before my lease is up.

Better get to work.

Mood: alert
Drinking: coffee with cream
Listening To: Music is the Victim, Scissor Sisters
Hair: can i possibly squeeze a cut into my whirlwind visit?

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