“Get up and dance, get up and smile, get up and drink to the days that are gone in the shortest while.”– Simon Fowler

Good morning! If the recent events of Hurricane Katrina and Rita haven’t taught us the value and importance of a moment, think about the above quote. Isn’t that a wonderful, yet bittersweet quote?

It reminds us of how what is all around us — won’t last forever. Yet, in the same breath, it reminds us to dance and smile and celebrate. Celebrate every moment, and don’t worry about the small things in life that tend to weigh us down.

What will you do today to celebrate the fact that you are here? To celebrate what you have that is good in your life?

Your Turn:

Review your goals. If you have not been using the three step action list diligently, begin today. What do you want to accomplish by the end of November? By the end of this year? Write your goals down. Research shows that writing your goals down increases your odds of success by over 70%. Make a commitment to yourself to step forward each day this month. If you haven’t yet started the Challenge, begin today. You are worth it.

Your Affirmation:

Each day I take a step forward toward my goals. As I take that step, I will laugh, smile and dance.

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A couple of weeks ago I was showing a friend my list of 101 Things. I carry around a hard copy in my wallet. She said, “Oh, you must be a goal-oriented person.” I nearly laughed. Me? Goal-oriented? I mean yeah, for the purpose of my resume, I’ve been goal-oriented since the early 90’s, but not for one minute did I ever believe that I was really that kind of a person. Until I thought about it. I do make lists of things that I want to do and then I do them and cross them off. At New Year’s I’ll set some goals for the coming year and take a look back at how well I did at achieving the things I set out for myself to accomplish this past year. I’ve been doing that for a really long time now. And on top of that, this year I started my 101 Things. So yeah, I must really be goal-oriented! Wow! How did that happen? This just goes to prove that you will evolve into the things you tell yourself that you are. It’s been written on my resume for years. I’ve thrown the term around at every job interview I’ve ever went on (and there have been LOTS). And now I’m not even lying — I AM GOAL-ORIENTED!

Mood: focused
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: traffic on the hills of Salem
Hair: damp and stringy

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