Make it stop! I wanna get off! This grey weather and rain is enough to drive a person insane. Like seriously crazy. My arthritis is acting up in my knees. It’s rained for two weeks and nothing in the forecast but rain until Sunday when it will be cloudy with a chance of sunny periods. Oy! It’s like night all the time, screwing with my system.

So, I’m going to Saint John on Saturday for the WFNB Fall Fair. I’ve got to be there early for a director’s meeting. I’m being picked up at 6:15 am. Six-fifteen! In the morning! Oh boy. That’ll be a challenge. What kind of a great day is that going to be. If I got shit-faced drunk Friday night I might be okay that early. I tend to function better on less when I’m impaired. Years of experience I guess. It’s very difficult for me to get to sleep before 3am. I go to bed, I close my eyes, but nothing happens. I’ll have to get up at 5 . . . 5:30 at the absolute latest . . . to be ready to leave by 6:15. That’s not a whole lot of sleep time in the middle. It wouldn’t be so bad except I’m taking workshops, I’m having to introduce workshop leaders, I’m going to be writing . . . you don’t really want to be all spazzed out for those things. I could pull an all-niter Thursday, which would put me in a sleepy frame of mind by midnight Friday (yeah, even on an all-niter I can’t calm down before the witching hour) but I risk the whole thing going terribly wrong between 5 and 6 Friday morning (my weak time), when I could possibly crash and not rise again until noon.

Or I could just not have any coffee Friday morning. Meaning I’d never actually wake up, therefore I should be able to drift off by midnight. I’m not asking for much. Five hours and I’m raring to go.

Mood: contemplative
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Overrated, Gavin DeGraw
Hair: greying

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