Well I seem to be shaking off last week’s nosedive depression, despite days upon days of rain and nothing else in sight. I’ve chance of thundershowers going on, which makes me uneasy in November. I’m working hard on BnM, the second print edition, coming out for December. The writing is so frigging exhausting. I try to make it fun, less like work, but what can I do? It’s work, that’s just what it is. And it’s damn hard.

I noticed on the Mount A calendar this morning that Cindy Sheehan, the mother who camped outside President Bush’s ranch to try and get a few words with him, is here today and giving a talk tonight. I won’t be going. No time. And I can’t afford to clutter my brain with politics right now anyway. But I wish I had nothing going on. I think she’d be interesting. I’m sure someone I know will go and tell me about it later.

I dreamt I moved to a new town last night. An even smaller town if you can imagine such a thing. And I started going to everything they had, like town council meetings and AA and church and just anything that happened where people could go. It was weird. I met interesting people though. I probably should do more of that in my real life, rather than always be holed up here alone.

Tonight I am making eggplant parmigiana for dinner. I’ve never made it before. I’ve never even eaten an eggplant before. But I’ve got a good idea of what I need to do and I keep seeing Curtis of Take Home Chef on TLC (my FAVOURITE cooking show!)doing stuff with eggplant that looks absolutely amazing. So, I’m giving it a go! Eggplant parm is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world to make, failsafe, so they say. We shall see. If I had a decent camera I’d take pictures of the end result. Maybe I’ll try with the clunker and see if I can anything steady. The problem is not the camera so much, the problem is me with that particular camera. I’m a shaker. You need to hold the button in forever before it takes the picture, there’s a huge delay. So I press the button and I wait so long that I begin to wonder is it going to happen and meanwhile I can’t hold steady. There’s none of that fancy stuff to help with the shakes on this beastie. It’s only 1MP for godsake. It’s an antique, no doubt the first digital camera ever made. Still, it was free. So there you go, you get what you paid for. Perhaps I’ll try to take a picture . . . yeah, but perhaps not, it’s just too frustrating to deal with and I don’t have a tri-pod.

Speaking of eggplants and Curtis cooking for vegetarians, I was just flipping through my calendar and noticed that I’ve been eating vegetarian for 2 months now. Yeah, I started on September 11th. I have had a few meat meals in that time, to clean out the meat frozen in my refrigerator, but not much. I’ve still got meat I’ve got to use up sometime. But mostly, it’s all veggie all the time. Weird! Who thought that would stick?

Mood: scattered
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: thumping in the next door kitchen
Hair: clean

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