You Are What You Eat

So the latest scare is Salmonella in chocolate bars. Spinach, lettuce, chocolate . . . I dunno, but it’s really starting to feel like you can’t trust anything anymore. You’re taking your life into your hands just by eating. I took the spinach hit pretty hard, but I so rarely eat chocolate that I’m not much bothered by this development. I am rather taken with the white chocolate bars from the Just Us coffee people. Absolutely amazing! Like no other white chocolate I’ve ever had. Even if you’re not a big white chocolate fan, you might enjoy this one a lot. And they’ve also got the 70% cocoa dark chocolate and a milk chocolate bar. The local Co-Op has started carrying a lot of Just Us products. I enjoy the coffees too. I buy them because they taste fabulous, it’s quality all the way. The fact that they’re fair trade and organic is just a bonus that makes me feel even better about something I already felt pretty good about.

There’s a blood donor clinic coming up soon in Sackville and I think I’ll go if for no other reason than to find out what my blood type is. Stacy has been eating for her blood type and noticing that she feels pretty good. I don’t know if I’d do it, this vegetarian thing seems to be a good thing for me right now, but I would like to know what it says I should and shouldn’t eat. If I’m Type O like my mom thinks I am, then I’m actually supposed to be eating a kind of Atkins type diet, with lots of meat protein. I’m curious anyway.

Speaking of putting food in your mouth, I’d like to slim down a bit by the New Year. I feel like I’ve been gaining weight, though there’s nothing in my clothes to bear this out. I realise no matter what I eat now I’m not going to lose any more weight. I have maintained this new size for a solid year now, so it’s time to step things up in the physical activity area. I should be walking more for sure. I should be making more trips up and down my stairs. I should be doing some weights. It’s always a struggle to find ways to incorporate these things into your routine. I wish I liked a sport . . . it would be easier if I was crazy for tennis or something. I do like walking though. I just need to change my mindset. Right now I feel guilty taking time to go for a walk, just for the sake of walking. My walks have to be about getting groceries, getting the mail, having a destination and a purpose. When really it should just be about me and my health and releasing stress and feeling great, because that’s pretty important stuff. I’m working on it.

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: trucks on the street
Hair: oy!

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  1. Eating for your blood type? Never heard of it. I wonder what they say for someone B+, like myself. I’m going to go google right now. LOL


  2. It’s been around a while now apparently. Stacy had a book out of the library in town. She may still have it. She may actually be B+ like you. I can’t remember for sure.


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