Easy Silence

Doing a little better today maybe. Haven’t been myself for over a week now, since last Monday, but yesterday seems to have been the worst of it. I think I hit the peak and now I’m heading down the other side to level ground again. Feeling a bit calmer. Of course I haven’t actually had any interaction with anyone yet today to test the water, to see if I can go from 0 to infinity in a second. Yesterday I just wanted to beat somebody up, like physically assault somebody. Days like that I wish for a punching bag. Instead I had to settle for fighting 90km wind on my run-around. Froze my ears. Hats are back! Yay!

I can’t wait for snow. I just feel like it’ll all be okay if only it would snow. White everywhere. Yes, I might be sick of it come March, but right now I want some. Last winter hardly arrived. They say we’re not going to get much snow this winter either. They’re certainly getting it out west. Last night on Entertainment Tonight Canada they were in the Yukon. Dawson City at Berton House. This place is perfect for me! I bet if I went to the Yukon, I’d never come back. You think I’m kidding?

Mood: improved
Drinking: coffee, instant, lots of cream
Listening To: Not Ready to Make Nice, The Dixie Chicks (on Oprah they said this was a “rock” album . . . yeah, not quite dudes, still I like the lyrics on most of the tracks and want to see the documentary, they’re feisty, gotta give them that)
Hair: changes coming on soon

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