Goodbye My Lover

What a weekend! Crazy weather. Wind and rain drowning out the music, the tv. Some lightning and thunder. Some wet snow and ice pellets.

Last night I dreamed about a bar that is becoming a recurring place in my dreams. It’s a new place for me. Hasn’t been around in my dreams very long. A huge night club, many rooms, dance music, though I’ve never seen a dance floor there, it’s extremely dark in there, like the walls and ceiling and floor have been painted black. Hefty cover charge to get in, like 20 bucks or something, pretty outrageous for no band nor deejay that I’ve seen. It’s the kind of place where everyone is wearing designer-look clothes. Girls in skimpy dresses and four inch strappy sandals, men in Armani. In every dream I’ve had about this place I’m always there for the first time, with someone, or meeting someone, and not feeling so comfortable, not really liking the music so much, put off by the big cover, and I go to the bar and order a glass of red wine . . . it’s $25 for a glass, an empty glass. The bartenders only mix cocktails. The place doesn’t even sell any beer. But they have wine and champagne, they just don’t pour it for you. You pay $25 for a clean glass and then help yourself to the selection from a huge counter in the ladies’ room. This freaks me out a little when the bartender first tells me, but then I think $25 for all I can drink in a swanky club is the deal of the century and I head off to find the ladies. In the past I’ve never made it through the maze of hallways and rooms, but last night I found the facilities. HUGE! Many rooms. No peeing in the pouring section. No washing hands and powdering noses in the peeing or pouring. Fuchsia walls. Plush carpets and fancy settees. Very pleasant. And I couldn’t believe the selection of wine. I poured and then went to find whoever I’m there with. Then I noticed the trays of finger foods everywhere, cheese, crackers, grapes, tiny sandwiches, cream puffs, not the usual pretzels and peanuts. It’s quite the place. Maybe someday I’ll even find out why I’m there.

Not a computer day today. Should’ve been. Lots to do. But the day was spent curled up. In bed. On the futon. In front of the tv. Listening to music. Sometimes just the dryer. Other times only the wind and rain. I made scones for breakfast. From scratch. Which is not as impressive as it might sound. Maybe pancakes tomorrow.

I’ve just realised I’m going to miss my friend’s play next weekend. Damn! Why does that always happen to me?

Tonight I practiced reading Tarot for the first time in a long time. My cards. I did the lay-out writing down what I thought it meant and then checked myself with the books. I didn’t do half bad for someone who hasn’t touched a card in about 8 or 9 years. It’s on my list you know, to practice Tarot a few times a week for . . . I forget how long, maybe a month. The idea was to get good at it again just for my own amusement, but someone found out I used to do this and wants a reading. So it’s good motivation to practice I suppose.

Sad tonight. Melancholy. This too will pass in time.

Mood: crampy
Drinking: water
Listening To: Star Witness, Neko Case
Hair: think olivia newton john getting physical, yep, it’s a headband

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