We Don’t Need to Be Wonderful Initially

Not the most productive day yesterday. Knee acting up. Crampy stomach. I went out in the rain and then couldn’t get warmed back up. I was pretty sleepy too. So I found myself with the heat cranked; wearing my fuzzy socks, fleece pants, a tank top, t-shirt, pull-over and cardigan; wrapped to my neck in my bed’s comforter; curled into the fetal on the futon in front of the tv. And I didn’t move most of the late afternoon and all evening. I appear to have warmed up today. My knee is still aching though.

I like Wednesday night television. There are no hollywood shows that I watch so I get to watch the CBC. Last night on the Dragon’s Den there was a woman who had seized upon Dr. Emoto’s water theory and was touting essenced water sprays. She sang to the water. I thought it was really cool, but why anyone would buy her water when we can all meditate upon our own water, is beyond me. But there are probably people who would. But other than the lone female dragon (why only one?) nobody on the panel had any idea what this lady was talking about. They thought she was a freak. Watching this show week after week, I’ve noticed that they don’t know much (or anything) about health concerns or natural alternatives or organics or anything . . . isn’t that an absolutely HUGE market right now? Isn’t that like saying they’ve never heard of the Internet for godsake? Whenever anyone comes in front of them and says anything about health conscious people reading the labels, they seem to tune out. As if the idea that people read labels is a bit absurd. These are some of the most successful and rich business people in the country. And this disturbs me somewhat. I don’t know, I just expect that if you’re going to have all this success and make tons of money, you should know something. I suppose they know stuff about the industries they are in. Obviously. Still, they’ve let a lot of good natural products go by the wayside without investing, just because they don’t get it.

Mood: so-so
Drinking: mexican morning, almost black
Listening To: Denis Waitley, The Platinum Collection
Hair: purchased new shampoo yesterday

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