I am Pissed

There may be mice, squirrels, or worse nesting in the walls of my house. Yes! I am freaking out thank you very much! Last night, I heard scratching. Upstairs. In the corner maybe, or behind the futon or tv. I made a lot of noise. I slept with the tv cranked. I googled and found people who said mice are repelled by the scents of garlic, mint, and chilli peppers . . . so I put little containers of all three everywhere, upstairs and down. I am freaking! This is it. If I have to live with fuzzy creatures, I will be moving soon as the lease is up in May, if I don’t break it and leave right now.

There are no signs of an invasion in my kitchen where such things will congregate. No nibblings. No poop. I’m praying this is going to be okay. Natural repellents for these things? Anyone? Anyone? I so do not want to get into the whole crises of having to trap and kill these bastards on my own.

Mood: apprehensive
Drinking: water
Listening To: fingers flying over the keys
Hair: damp

One thought on “I am Pissed

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  1. borrow someone’s cat…they are obviously, looking for warm corners…you’ve had problems with insects and suches quite a bit over there..


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