Back of Your Car

Went grocery shopping. My cupboard was literally bare, so much so that I couldn’t even fix myself anything to eat before I went. And now that I’m a breakfast person (see my list) I was FAMISHED in all caps by the time I arrived at the grocery store. Bought a shitload of food. And I am the newest member of my local Co-Op. After a year of shopping at Save-Easy and following many months of renovations in their store, I have decided that I really like Co-Op best. It is a longer walk. If I want to walk there and back, I can’t purchase as much as I could at Save-Easy and carry it all home. But the hilly walk feels fantastic when I can do it both ways, and if I can’t carry my purchases, I can always catch a cab. I got these Amy’s California veggie burgers. Had one last night on a Country Harvest whole wheat bagel with green onions, relish, ketchup, mustard, and it was scrum! Very good. I’m gonna make quesadillas! I’m gonna have baked potatoes with sour cream! I’m gonna have some frigging salad! Oh, life is good I tell ya. Another day of cleaning up on frozen stir-fry leftovers in my freezer and I would’ve cracked up.

Speaking of cracks . . . going on 3am in the night, I had just started to drift into a dream, sleep was on the rise, when a crack of thunder shook the house, rattling the windows, shaking all the things on the nightstand, knocking over things on my kitchen counter, scaring the god damn crap out of me! It was like a bomb or something. Heavy, heavy rain. High winds. Lightning had to have struck something around here someplace. It was crazy. I couldn’t stand it, had to get up and unplug everything, then couldn’t stand to be in bed, so I sat downstairs for an hour and read. At one point I poured myself a shot of scotch but I held out, didn’t drink it, because I’m very close to having two weeks without any alcohol. And I want to cross it off my list.

Last night I watched the 1930 Oscar winning film, All Quiet on the Western Front. I did not have high expectations for this one really. Parts have been restored but it’s still in a state of disrepair, you can see the cracks in the film throughout, and in the style of the first talkies nobody’s mouth matches up with the sound. It’s a war movie about the first world war, made before the second even happened. I didn’t recognize any of the actors’ names. So, I didn’t hold out much hope. But as it turns out, it’s really a compelling film, still, after all this time. It holds up. The battle scenes were insane. I imagine they had more than one close call when they were filming. I’m sure they nearly blew themselves up many times. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a look.

In other news, I’m addicted to Dave’s blog.

Mood: upbeat
Drinking: coffee, mexican morning blend, organic, fair trade, with real cream (YESSS!!)
Listening To: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Amy Winehouse (don’t know who she is? find some of her tunes, download, buy an album, add her to your music collection right now, she’s fabulous!)
Hair: should schedule a cut next time i’m heading to the river

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