Poor Pete Is A Bit Self-Conscious

Slept late today. Not unneeded. Been working hard. Been working long hours. Have not been breaking like I need to in order to keep my joints in good shape. Things winding down. We now return to our regular broadcasting schedule. It is the rainy season. I need to get outside, walk in the rain, just walk for godsake. I’m like a shut-in. I think I’ll take in the Kubrick film festival on the weekend. I think I deserve a break and what better way to spend my time than in an ancient single-screen movie house watching A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Dr. Strangelove, Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket! It’s pretty darn exciting. I remember making my brother watch Full Metal Jacket with me when he got into his head that joining the forces would be fun and an easy way to make a living. I know, I am evil.

I also want to drop by the Salvation Army Thrift Store and see what’s new. Haven’t been in good long while. And I could use some winter attire, some picture frames. I need to start thinking about Christmas and kids gifts. Not that I’ll be picking those up at the Salvation Army, but I’m feeling a shopping excursion coming on. I want to get up early and go to the market and the bookstore and just walk around with coffee and relax. I need to decompress. I’ve been in a pressure cooker this past little while. I haven’t got the mail in a week. It’s been straight out.

Mood: a little bit hungry and the larder needs some help
Drinking: vanilla rooibos
Listening To: Not the Same, Ben Folds
Hair: razored

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