There’s A Girl

I need to toss this pancake mix. It must be expired or something. I cannot make good pancakes! They taste like shit. And in case you didn’t happen to know, pancakes is one of those things that I excel at. It’s a mix, how hard can it be, right? Surprisingly, not as easy as one might think. Lots of practice (remember the pancake phase?) before I was able to turn out perfect pancakes every time. And now they’re gone to shit, no matter what I do. Tossing the box.

Strange dream last night (yeah, what else is new, right?) I dreamed I was driving around a big city with a friend’s ex-husband (who I’ve never met in real life, by the way). I had Paulina and Anna with me. This guy was such a wimpy idiot. Pretty boy tho. I was trying to take the kids to a video store. There was a lot of traffic. He dropped us off in the middle of an 8-lane. Said, “You’re pretty good at dodging traffic, right?” and just stopped in the middle lane of 8 lanes of traffic! Crazy man! I was freaking, I could pick Anna up and run, but Paulina was too big to carry. And this was freaking me out. That I couldn’t carry her to safety. I think I dreamed this because I was just thinking about how old the kids are getting, how Paulina’s changing her looks, how Samuel’s reading everything and the missus’ favourite word is “actually.” No more babies. It’s kinda sad. Not sad enough for me to have one, but kinda sad nonetheless.

Stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live last night because The Killers were on. Haven’t seen it in years. It’s not the greatest, but I was struck that it was much worse the last time I tuned in. It seemed improved. I had some laughs in the monologue and skits off the top. I fell asleep right after The Killers did When You Were Young. They likely did another number later on. The show didn’t even start until 1am though because of the race, and I was beat. Up early yesterday. Worked almost 9 hours on bnm. Washed every dish in the house because I “accidentally” may have sprayed them all with Raid. Did laundry. Watched the original “All the King’s Men.” Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus soy dogs as a late night snack. Am so NOT enjoying soy dogs. Next time I will spring for the more expensive, but likely more tasty, veggie dogs. My veggie meatballs are fantastic. I don’t know if it’s the absence of red meat in my diet or the excitement of a print bnm, but something is going on. I’m doing better at focusing, at being excited to get up in the morning. This is good.

Mood: pretty good
Drinking: coffee, with the last of the cream, and I’m broke til thursday, oy!
Listening To: How Do I Get It Right, Sass Jordan
Hair: i had a fleeting moment last night when i thought brunette! like a luscious chocolate or something, nothing burgundy

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