Life is Short

I don’t watch The Today Show on NBC in the morning. Never have. Likely never will. Usually I’m not up, but even if I am, it’s just not my thing. I can do with a little Regis sometimes, but the only thing I’m likely to turn on is Seamus in the A.M. If you’ve been following, you know I’ve pretty much given up on all American “news” programming. I haven’t even checked out Katie Couric’s new digs. But all that aside, I stumbled into Meredith Vieira’s new blog and I’m quite enjoying it. Surprise, surprise.

Clearing today, thank the goddess! My joints and brain couldn’t handle another wet one. I feel like yesterday was called on account of rain.

My bank is screwing with my life a bit. They always hold part of cheques deposited until the cheque clears or five business days. So this means I’ve got a bunch of money in my account that I can’t touch until late next week. Meantime I’ve got a payment due on Tuesday. If I make the payment, I’m left penniless until next Thursday or so. And in the meantime I need things, like food. I’ve got 20 bucks in my wallet. Must stretch it out I guess. Payments come first. Food is a luxury item around these parts.

It’s Friday the 13th. The Grudge 2 opens today. I am not going. I am SOOO not going. I turn the channel whenever it previews. At any rate it’s not playing here. The Trailer Park Boys opens here tonight instead. And given the 20 buck financial situation, I’ll not be going to that either. The Vogue has a new website. Now I’ll always know what’s playing. And who knows, maybe one day, I’ll even go.

Mood: boppy
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve
Hair: waiting to get hairapy

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