Lips of An Angel

I’m back after Thanksgiving weekend with the family in the Rapids. It was really good. We ate. We drank. The children developed a fondness for dvd trivia games. I kicked ass in poker. Bawled my eyes out while looking through Grammie’s photo albums. Everyone went to bed early. Paulina ensured I slept only minimally. We ate again. The boys invented coffee. It was all good.

Yesterday I came home. Train. Gary dropped me off at the station before it opened at 8am. The train wasn’t scheduled until 10:10, but rather than have someone else have to drive in, I thought I’d just hang out the extra time, write, etc. So I sat outside and watched everyone going to school, wrote, drank coffee. Went in when they opened. Train was running 5 hours late he said. FIVE HOURS! Oy! So I went to Chatham to the office, worked until after 2 and my boss dropped me back over at the train. Complimentary snacks and beverages on board, to compensate for the lateness. Half price ticket next trip. I arrived around 6 pm. Exhausted. (Did I mention I never went to bed at all on Monday night?) Was gonna spring for a cab ride home, that’s how tired I was. But they were gonna take at least 15 minutes to get to the station and I can walk in about 10, so I walked instead. Supped. Called Mom. Asleep before 10pm.

Up since 5am. Trying to catch up with my life.

Definitely ready for second breakfast.

Mood: fair to middling
Drinking: water
Listening To: Ain’t No Other Man, Christina Aguilera
Hair: shaggy dog like

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