Waiting on the World to Change

So John Mayer did it and it really cracked me up, so I thought I’d have an Identity Crises of my own. Who do I look like? Apparently I look 74% like Kate Bosworth, 72% like Reese Witherspoon. Interesting. I would never have likened myself to these two ladies.

Feeling poorly last two days. Today seems to be the worst of it. Blah! Slept very late. Torrential rains and wind in the night, physical pain, made sleeping difficult. I kept getting up to look outside, make sure nothing was leaking. Have to get ready to go back to the river tomorrow. Train again. Definitely better to come home for a few days rather than live out of a suitcase for over a week again though. Something to keep in mind. If I book my train tickets early enough, they only cost $38 return. I can’t change or cancel them and get a refund, but still usually 7 days is early enough to get the discount. I’m thinking in future this is something to keep in mind, many little trips, rather than one long one. It does make a difference to my work and peace of mind.

I watched the premiere of a new show on CBC last night, Dragons’ Den. Very entertaining! I love that it’s Canadian. I kept expecting people I know to show up to pitch their ideas. I know lots of entrepreneurial types with plenty of ideas. It’s interesting to watch the pitch process.

A new season of The Fifth Estate premiered after and I watched as they followed three boys from the Jane/Finch neighborhood of Toronto for a year. One of my friends and co-workers lived in that neighborhood, one of those high-rises, mostly Jewish. I don’t know that the neighborhood had the reputation it has today (this was 15 years ago) because I went there on weekends quite a bit to stay overnight after clubbing on the Danforth. I don’t recall as many shootings and things in the city overall, as what happens now. It seemed like where we worked at Queen and Carlaw was more dangerous than Jane/Finch. There was a big gang presence in the office neighborhood. Some shootings, robberies and abductions happened while I worked there. One restaurant owner told me not to come back to his restaurant, because I seemed like a nice girl and he had refused to pay protection to the gangs and was worried about a drive-by.

Definitely remember lots of frightening things about that neighborhood (but I think it’s okay now) and I don’t remember anything bad at all about the Jane and Finch building. Quite the opposite. I remember being there during Hanukkah and the lobby being decorated, very warm and inviting. There was a sense of community there that I liked.

Sometimes I wonder what would have become of me had I accepted the North York condo/limo, company shares, managerial deal instead of coming back here. What a different path that would have been! Or did all roads lead here eventually anyway? I have the sneaking suspicion they did. Sackville just feels right.

Mood: achy
Drinking: coffee with cream
Listening To: Where Have All the Good People Gone, Sam Roberts
Hair: still around

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