Month: October 2006


Bad day. Out of sorts. Same shit. Sigh. I can’t be happy like this. I need to re-assess the situation. Later. When I’m clearer. Throbbing headache right now. So, it’s Halloween. Yay, woop-dee-doo. I would go buy chocolate bar treats, if I had energy, money, time for such […]

Back Home Weather

Still windy. Hail warning, though sun’s out at the moment. Another party in my dreams last night. This one not at that same club though. A house party maybe. Perhaps inspired by the house party I am to attend this weekend for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I know it’s […]

Goodbye My Lover

What a weekend! Crazy weather. Wind and rain drowning out the music, the tv. Some lightning and thunder. Some wet snow and ice pellets. Last night I dreamed about a bar that is becoming a recurring place in my dreams. It’s a new place for me. Hasn’t been […]

In My Heaven

Another late night last night. Couldn’t sleep. Anxiety in the middle of the week. Got up and worked for almost three hours. Then slept late. Of course. The dreams are driving me crazy anyway, so even sleep isn’t very restful. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Oh, it’s so […]

For Reasons Unknown

Wicked crazy dream last night. It’s possible I am being influenced by the television. I’m terrified to turn it off and hear scratching in the walls at night. Maybe there is none to be heard. Maybe I imagined the whole thing. Still, I’m not ready to go into […]

I am Pissed

There may be mice, squirrels, or worse nesting in the walls of my house. Yes! I am freaking out thank you very much! Last night, I heard scratching. Upstairs. In the corner maybe, or behind the futon or tv. I made a lot of noise. I slept with […]

Too Little Too Late

As expected when one has a terrible bout of Sunday Night Anxiety, I slept late. You can’t get up at 8 when you’re still awake from the day before at 6 am. Well you can I suppose, but I don’t know how productive your day would be without […]

What the F@#&?!

I didn’t think I’d have Sunday Night Anxiety tonight. I really didn’t. Why not? Well, I have nothing to be anxious about. I mean absolutely nothing. I am at the top of my game on every level. I worked nearly 60 hours this week on BnM, finishing stories […]


Recently I watched a film called Fathers and Sons. Great film! Well worth renting if you haven’t seen it. Overall, it’s just very real. These characters say the things that we all think but wonder if anybody else thinks that way too. Well, that’s how I felt about […]