Yesterday was not a good day. My knees are bad right now. Aching, stiff, giving out on me, popping, sticking and generally just pissing me off. This is arthritis. Sometimes you’re fine, other times you’re nowhere near fine. It should last only a couple of days. I just need to ride it out, take more care when walking up and down stairs so I don’t fall, take more breaks from the desk to stretch my legs straight. And this too will pass. In the meantime the dreams continue. I’m very tired. These dreams don’t seem to have anything to do with the moon (but perhaps an eclipse?) More than likely they are a direct result of my current physical discomfort. I have the crazy ability to be very much awake and dreaming at the same time resulting in what they call sleep paralysis. I’m awake and can’t move because I’m asleep and dreaming. Dreams cross over into real life. Which can be pretty damn scary when you happen to be having a nightmare, somewhat interesting when celebrity guest stars show up. I’m trying not to trigger any nightmares during this time, shifting the channel whenever the preview for The Grudge 2 comes on. We are so not going to see that one! Anyway, that’s all doing with me. Today I’ve got to get some info on this new garbage program and shift things into high gear for tomorrow’s leave-taking.

Mood: so-so
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Midnight Show, The Killers
Hair: every which way

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