Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

The daily challenge of trying to control my life continues. When my computer died I lost my On the Ball software, so now I’m trying something else. If you recall, I really liked On the Ball, but since I’m using Outlook now and I don’t want to buy the ball again, this TimeTo program seems to make more sense because it works with Outlook and it’s free. It’s also pretty complicated time management stuff, which may in fact be a good thing. Of course anything works for one day. The trick for me is to be consistent. I’m working on it. My screensaver says “Do it now!” I travel around all day muttering “Forward motion” to myself. Maybe it’s helping. I just can’t bear the idea of leaving here on Friday knowing I’m not where I’m supposed to be at with work, that I’ll return to a sty of a house. There’s lots of time to get things done. I’m tired of feeling bad about myself, stressed about life in general. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and stop giving up, procrastinating, investing way too much time in worrying about what’s to be done, when if I just did it, it would be done already. Like my inbox. I’ve been keeping my inbox cleaned up consistently since I started again. No lingerings. Everything dealt with or filed to be dealt with as it arrives. A small lifestyle change, perhaps, but it makes a difference. Every little step counts.

Mood: tiring, slowing down
Drinking: nothing, diet pepsi earlier
Listening To: PANDORA!! The Killers Radio, God and Mars, Days Away
Hair: out of my eyes for the most part

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