Catch My Disease

Last night during a particularly potent bout of SNA, when all the channels had gone into infomercials and I was dangerously close to ordering some sort of groovy deep dish grill thingy (only 2 payments of $24.95), I tuned into my local cable channel 10 instead and for the first time ever I watched a town council meeting. And thank god! I truly live in a bubble. Somehow I’ve totally missed the fact that come October 1 my community is going Wet/Dry recycling. Holy crap! I need new bags! And a new system. I totally would never have known about this, if I hadn’t watched the Council meeting. They said the Westmorland people went door to door with info kits, but it must’ve been when I was out of town. And I never read the local paper. So I’ve been in the dark.

Today I purchased a new coffee maker. I couldn’t live another day without one. Honestly. Instant was not cutting it. Anyway, got a 10 cupper at Jean Coutu for only $14.95. Pretty good. Then I went to Save-Easy and bought pizza and ice cream and pie and cake. Yep, I’m talking major junk cravings being satisfied here. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Mood: buoyant
Drinking: COFFEE, brewed!
Listening To: In View, The Tragically Hip
Hair: clean

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