I ate meat last night. Not much, but a little bit. And it made me frigging sick. I don’t know why. This is unexpected. Oh well. Vegetarianism continues.

Tonight I’ve got a writing meeting. Just me and another girl, this is the smaller group. I’m feeling lazy but I’ve got to walk out to the Tim Horton’s to meet her. I could have hosted the thing, but the walk will do me good. I’ll appreciate having walked after I do it. Now, not so much, but later I’ll be better.

Season premiers of Grey’s Anatomy and ER tonight. The L Word starts next Thursday. Didn’t watch anything last night.

My coffee maker quit today. Busted. Won’t turn on. Dammit! Tomorrow will be an instant coffee day . . . but I can’t see that lasting long. I’ll have to find the money somewhere to buy a new machine ($15 bucks in hand to do until next Friday, no, not this Friday, but next Friday the 29th.) Maybe I can order one from Sears. They have them at Home Hardware, but that is the longer walk. And the last time I walked home from out there carrying stuff, it was not pretty.

This afternoon when my body decided to spend a good chunk of my day sitting on the toilet, I could hear my neighbors in their kitchen. Having breakfast, tho it was quite late. Talking about the goings on from two night’s ago, as if they haven’t seen each other since. Conclusion — the bastards slept all day yesterday!! Meanwhile I didn’t have that luxury. I had to get up and go places and do things. Sometimes I really dislike having housemates. Other times I miss them when they are gone.

One of the boys has a crush on the girl living in the house. Or a healthy lusting. They may or may not have slipped up at one time and slept together. It seems like that in some of their conversations. He has a long-distance long-term girlfriend from wherever he’s from. She has a boyfriend who is here quite a bit on weekends. She seems oblivious to what I think is definitely a crush or something on her roomie’s part. Whenever they’re alone in his room, smoking up, he brings up sex, he talks about her boyfriend and how he would never do that (the boyfriend frequently behaves poorly). Aye yi yi! I recognize these conversations. The girl appears as oblivious as I always was though. Does this mean I’ve actually learned something? Or can I only recognize the signs when I’m a distant observer?

Mood: lazy
Drinking: nothing, soon to be a timmy’s
Listening To: Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White, Bon Jovi
Hair: maybe i should just shave my head and buy wigs

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  1. It’s probably a combination of both. You definitely learned something from your own situations with guys, but when you are on the outside looking in you definitely see more. Sounds like your students are a lively bunch. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit when they’re around.


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