Spinning Me Round

I didn’t do so good yesterday. Tired. Yes, I still ate and walked and did my exercises, but I never escaped my sleepy state. Last night I stayed up too late reading and then when reading became impossible because of the noise distraction in the house, I just laid awake listening and writing in my mind, occasionally getting up to look out the window. My students have friends visiting this week. They’ve actually been here since the weekend, and the party has not stopped since their arrival. When they party at the front of the house I can’t hear them, so it doesn’t bother me, but last night they were smoking up in the bedroom on the other side of mine. Are all the young people on coke and E now? Like everyone? I mean these are some pretty good kids living in this house. They’re neat and bright and goal oriented and respectful and conscious . . . yet they’re drunk every day, doing drugs in bar bathrooms with strangers, sitting around in thongs looking at porn until daylight, getting so wasted friends have to carry them to bed. It’s weird to lay and listen to them and think back to being that age. Yes, I would’ve been right there with them, experiencing everything. To think forward to when my nieces and nephew get to that age. Scary.

Writers’ Pot Luck tonight. My potatoes have undergone the first baking already. Bacon and more baking coming up shortly. I should look for a story to submit. Tomorrow night I meet with the other writers’. Next weekend I go to Freddy to emcee a reading.

It’s Fall Fair time again. Lots on the do. I just found out Clerks 2 is the Friday night Toonie movie at midnight at the Vogue. I had hoped it would play like a regular movie run, but apparently it is not to be, so if I want to see it in a theatre, this is my only chance. I’m not too keen on walking home alone so late is all, but it’s not far, not that big of a deal. It’s funny, I used to walk everywhere late at night in Miramichi and never worry . . . and lord knows there was stuff to worry about.

Yesterday, House of Blues sent me a pre-sale code for Elton John at Air Canada Centre in Toronto this November. Just for the hell of it I went to Ticketmaster, punched in the code and did a search for a single seat, best available. Frigging Centre Floor Row 13 came up! I checked the seating map and yeah it was 13 rows from the stage. Elton John! Man! I wanted to take it so bad. But there’s no way I can afford another trip to Toronto this year. No freaking way.

Mood: a little dazed
Drinking: coffee, still effing folgers crystals, but with real cream!
Listening To: Kiss the Bride, Elton John
Hair: but seriously, i have hair?!

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