All These Things That I’ve Done

I think meat made me lethargic. Yes, the veggies initially made me weak. But when I eat breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks. And when I eat the tofu and the nuts and make sure to get the protein. Well, I feel somewhat less foggy. More . . . I dunno, determined or something. Good on me!

Today I walked to Co-Op and purchased almost a hundred bucks of supplies, which we all know doesn’t go that far, but hey it’s more than I can carry. I mistakenly thought I would go today and leisurely make my way around a near empty store. Big mistake! I’ve never seen so many people in one place around here! There were more people shopping at Co-Op this afternoon than there were people at the Sam Roberts concert. Insanity! The aisles were truly clogged. I had a much more leisurely shop the other day when I was there. Who knew?

The exciting find of the day was the Fair Trade Organic bars in white, milk and dark chocolate. I got a white and dark to try. I also got all the supplies to make my infamous twice-baked-potatoe casserole for Wednesday night’s literary pot luck. I suspect some meat will enter my system at that meal, it will be interesting to see what (if any) effect this has upon my body.

Very humid and hazy day going on. The air is thick with smoke from Ontario forest fires says my dad. I had thought the woods must be burning down somewhere when I was out walking earlier. The streets were blocked for the Terry Fox Run. I pity anyone running in this humidity. Good cause though. Sad to remember Terry’s run.

Second time today I’ve come here intent on writing about something and then forgetting all about it once I arrived. Yes, this is me feeling less foggy! Imagine what I’m like normally. I need ginko or something.

Mood: crystal clear
Drinking: pre-dinner Greek red
Listening To: Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins
Hair: stringy

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