A Star Without Me

Today is going to be a gorgeous day. HOT! Sunny! Blue skies! Who said summer was over? Anyway, knowing this, and knowing the general depressed kind of slump I’ve been in all week I decided today would be the perfect day to knock myself upside the head and force a snapping out of it. So I set my alarm for a reasonable wakening this morning of 8 am. I woke on my own at 4 minutes to 8, turned off the alarm (because really it’s impossible to start a “happy” day with that blaring beep), then dozed until almost 9. Up, showered, no coffee, no computer, no food, and out the door, where it was already mighty humid.

I went to Mel’s, grabbed the Telegraph Journal, immersed myself in The Reader over coffee and griddle cakes. Fabulous! Crossed the street to the bank, then the market where I bought a cake of natural homemade soap (apricot oatmeal). Into the bookstore for an Alistair MacLeod book (because I’m workshopping with him in November . . . FINALLY!) Then down the street to the natural food store where I got some coconut milk, homemade organic whole grain bread and some sort of culture stuff Stacy told me about that’s supposed to flush all the bad toxins outta me (good to do a cleansing now when I’m on this vegetarian kick I think). Then home refreshed and lively to face my computer. I want to walk out to the liquor store for a bottle of red, but it’ll have to wait until this evening methinks as it’s mighty hot out there now.

Eastlink have set up a tower in the field to broadcast something Mounties, big game today I think, girls out on their front lawn spray painting banners, lots of activity around the field.

So I’m still doing the vegetarian thing, no meat. I gotta say it’s a bit difficult to do, I’ve been feeling weak, sickly, a lot of the time. Achieving a good balance seems hard. I bought a tub of my favourite salad greens but it’s organic, and it’s got spinach in it, and it’s from the USA, so I’m afraid to eat it, think I’ll probably just toss to be safe. Been drinking lots of water this week, which is very good for me. Today I feel pretty good. To complete the experiment and cross it off my list, I need to eat vegetarian for another week, then I think I will want to ease back in some meat, but maybe I can find some free range chickens or something around here, something a little less toxic. Perhaps if I’m eating less meat, I can afford better quality. It’s a theory anyway.

Mood: improving
Drinking: water
Listening To: Greedy Fly, Bush
Hair: thinned out by my own hand

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