All the World’s A Stage

From the Community Calendar:

A new theatre company “The Performers’ Company” has begun in Sackville, which is aimed at opening up opportunities for local people from Sackville and the Tantramar region to act and be involved in theatre. Auditions for the first production “In the Shadow of Death” will take place at 4:00pm , September 10th at Live Bait Theatre, 87 Main Street (entrance in Save Easy parking lot). This production requires actors of all ages and skill levels. Production crew is also needed. The production will take place at Convocation Hall, November 9 -11, as part of Remembrance Week Commemorations.

Might this be an opportunity for moi? A true community theatre? I wrote the Director and the answer is apparently yes.

Not this production. This fall is insane for me already, I can’t imagine adding a play, but there will be other productions. Very, very interesting. I will go see this one staged at any rate.


My dreams are off the hook again. The past two nights people showing up who I haven’t thought about in years, let alone dreamed of. It’s bizarre. And exhausting. And I need to check the moon.


Five years later the day is the very same, skies so blue. Who knew that day would so fundamentally change a girl in small town New Brunswick not personally connected? That was the last straw for me, the boiling point. I went from being a news junkie journalist to . . . ? I’m not sure. Figuring it out, connecting the dots after that day has been a slow process.

Mood: reverent
Drinking: coffee with the last of the cream (i am going to buy a soy product and see how that goes)
Listening To: chain saws in the yard (am i losing more trees? gaining a fence?)
Hair: soon to be laundered and diffused with new dryer since my sister kidnapped the original

2 thoughts on “All the World’s A Stage

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  1. That day totally affected you. Sure we were all saddened & scared & whatever, but like you say you weren’t personally connected…but still it just gave you a big kick in the arse or something.


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