Saturday Stuff

Wanted to get up early, go to the market, buy some soap and veggies, have breakfast at Mel’s while reading the Globe & Mail. I was up by 9:30, but as usual got sidetracked. I suppose I could still catch the market, have a blt at Mel’s while I read the Globe & Mail . . . but . . .

Later I want to walk out to Home Hardware and take a look at their cookware/bakeware. I seek a casserole dish in particular for an upcoming pot luck dinner I’m to attend. I’ve been eyeing up this set on Sears, but I’m not fond of white per say and I’ve no idea whether this is a deal or not. I suspect not, thus the fishing excursion to Home Hardware. I also want to pop by the Co-Op and Liquor Store while out that way. I thought I would time it so I’m around there when the Toys for Tots motorcycle ride is gearing up. Get to see some cool bikes maybe.

Later tonight Matt Minglewood is playing at the Civic Centre. Brings back memories, have seen him many, many times. Petunia is at Struts tonight too. I’ll likely not take in any of these things. Got to prioritize, lots on my plate right now, no time for lollygagging round.

One thing I should do for sure today is vote in the advance poll. Saw most of the debate the other night. NDP leader needs some public speaking/image consulting. Lord’s gotta go. Is Graham purposely trying to mimic Frank with his hand gestures? A bit off-putting, but I’ll let it slide. He’s kinda cute, saw him yesterday up close as he emerged from the Liberal bus in front of the library, while I struggled with two bags of necessities from Jean Coutu.

Mood: undetermined
Drinking: coffee, Folgers (yes, I know, but it was on sale and I am on a budget)
Listening To: Don’t Walk Away Eileen, Sam Roberts (audio probs fixed! yay!)
Hair: trimmed, all by myself

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