So something happened during this whole computer fiasco and I no longer have the proper audio drivers installed. What does this mean? When talking on Skype I sound like I’ve had a sex change operation, very deep voice, the people I’m talking to sound like they swallowed helium balloons or are doing a pretty bad Alvin and the Chipmunks impersonation. Same thing with music. Same thing with movies. 😦 Someone is supposedly looking into fixing it. So now, I don’t even have my Pandora radio and I can’t listen to Ryan Seacrest and I can’t watch Housecalls. I don’t have a stereo. I’ve always used my computer. So this kinda sucks big time.

I woke up with Lukas’ Headspin playing in my brain. I was sorry to see Storm go instead of Dilana. I really liked Storm’s original the other night and Toby’s too. Toby will likely win this thing. This year is different than last season though. With INXS JD emerged pretty early on as the best guy for them, though I loved Marty and Mig. This time around there doesn’t seem to be such a clear fit. The finale will be awesome!

All the Showcase at 10 (11pm our time) shows are starting up this week. Last night I caught most of Weeds with Mary Louise Parker. Love that show! The L Word premiers either tonight or next Thursday. Six Feet Under on Sunday night. Rescue Me on Tuesday. These are my staples for the fall season. Not sure what shows are replacing Queer as Folk (which ended) and Dead Like Me (which got cancelled). Last year I did really well and didn’t get hooked on many of the network shows, so I could work until 11, watch an hour on Showcase and then crash. But so far I’ve already picked up with Fox’s Vanished starring my fave QaF alum, Gale Harold. If you haven’t seen an episode yet, check it out. This is one good looking cast! And I’m curious about Ray Liotta’s new show, Smith. The show I’m really really really looking forward to though is NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip from West Wing creator, Aaron Sorkin. What a cast! Amanda Peet, Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley and more. I’m also eagerly awaiting the new season of ABC’s What About Brian?

The only thing about a new season is that you just get into a bunch of a new shows and the networks yank them or change up the schedule so you can’t find them. Like what about Windfall? Is it gone? Done? Am I just missing it? So there you go, I’m a tv junkie.

Mood: sore
Drinking: coffee, the mega super cheap stuff (yeah, I’m talking Folgers) with cream
Listening To: birds peeping in this music-less world
Hair: neglected

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  1. I’m also waiting for some new shows to come on and the return of What About Brian.I’m watching Vanished too and as for Windfall the season finale was last week.


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