wanna go home

Being away from home so long really sucks. Living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time is challenging. Especially when you don’t even get room service. My body rebels against the change in schedule. I feel bloated (am bloated big time) and sleepy and cranky and just generally out of sorts. I just feel like if I could get home and into my bathroom for a decent movement and into my bed for a real night’s sleep and back at my desk for a hard day’s work and into my kitchen for some of the usual food and back onto my schedule with my daily walk to the post office and some time to just be alone in peace with myself. If I can just get back to my marsh, back to my adorable little town, the sun will come out again and all will be right with the world. I’m feeling rather miserable right now. Only two more sleeps. Then at least a week to get back into sorts again. My legs and fingers and wrists and toes are aching so badly here. It’s usual to have a transition into the fall season, but I’m hopeful it’ll go easier if I can just get to the south again. In a week all will be well again. I’ll be fit as a fiddle again. I can hold out that long.

In other news, on the computer front, I have been equipped with new to me hard drive with all the fixings, have handy dandy new automatic back-up system, am learning Outlook and getting organised and all backed up in the contacts/tasks/calendar part of my life (also making working from the road easier). No dvd drive 😦 which means i’m a music-less person, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’m thankful just to have anything to work on. Pandora is fabulous anyway. One day I will have a lapdog of my very own and dvd capability. It’s on my list. Yes, I haven’t forgotten my list. I can’t wait to get home to high speed internet so i can listen to ryan seacrest and watch housecalls and all that fun stuff.

Mood: cranky
Drinking: nothing
Listening To: that damn clock chiming the hour
Hair: faded and dry and greying and too long and i don’t even care anymore

2 thoughts on “wanna go home

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  1. My simpathy with the travels. The older you get, the worst it is. I used to love travelling. Now, not so much.

    Try using chains. Motel 6 for example are all pretty much alike (including the all important bathroom fixtures). Try not to be to exotic with food choices (it is counter intuitive, I know, but choosing familiar/boring food will make you feel better). Even better, use a chain restaurant (but not fast food) that covers the places you will visit.But even fast food places now have some healthy choices.

    Your “new to you” hard drive? Didn’t quite get that. What are you backing up onto? Hard drive failure rate is 100%. You need an external back-uo system.

    You need a DVD to play movies, not music. CDs players can play music. You can find a portable one for $29.99. Most people play music from their computer now without CDs using MP3s and digital music in other formats.


  2. Thanks Sam. Unfortunately I wasn’t actually in a hotel on my trip, thus the dilemma about not having room service. Two weeks with the folks tho, not for the feint of heart. About the music, all my tunes have been burned onto a dvd but I’m without a dvd drive, so therefore I’ve no access. I’m on my third hard drive this year.


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