Month: September 2006


Yesterday was not a good day. My knees are bad right now. Aching, stiff, giving out on me, popping, sticking and generally just pissing me off. This is arthritis. Sometimes you’re fine, other times you’re nowhere near fine. It should last only a couple of days. I just […]

Sleep Deprived

Well no, I’m not really deprived. I mean I’m in bed for the requisite hours. It’s just the dreams man! The fucking dreams are driving me crazy! It’s so hard to get up and get going when you feel like you’ve been run over by a steam roller. […]

Jenny Was A Friend of Mine

The daily challenge of trying to control my life continues. When my computer died I lost my On the Ball software, so now I’m trying something else. If you recall, I really liked On the Ball, but since I’m using Outlook now and I don’t want to buy […]

Catch My Disease

Last night during a particularly potent bout of SNA, when all the channels had gone into infomercials and I was dangerously close to ordering some sort of groovy deep dish grill thingy (only 2 payments of $24.95), I tuned into my local cable channel 10 instead and for […]

Move Along

Dreams are off the hook! Last night I was on trial. It was a bogus charge. I hadn’t actually done anything. My mother ignored a policy at her work, causing a co-worker (an old battleaxe-like type who should’ve been long retired, a fictional character by the way, my […]

Doesn’t Look A Bit Like Jesus

Did I mention it’s Fall Fair weekend here? Saturday, September 23 Hinchey’s Giant MidwayAs part of the Sackville Fall Fair, Hinchey’s Giant Midway will be operating from September 20th to the 24th. Located at the corner of King Street and Main Street. Come and enjoy! 7:30 AM 11:00 […]


I ate meat last night. Not much, but a little bit. And it made me frigging sick. I don’t know why. This is unexpected. Oh well. Vegetarianism continues. Tonight I’ve got a writing meeting. Just me and another girl, this is the smaller group. I’m feeling lazy but […]

Spinning Me Round

I didn’t do so good yesterday. Tired. Yes, I still ate and walked and did my exercises, but I never escaped my sleepy state. Last night I stayed up too late reading and then when reading became impossible because of the noise distraction in the house, I just […]

Don’t Give Up

Tried the vanilla flavoured rice milk today. Blech! Blech! Blech! The soy is practically pleasant in comparison. Cream will be coming back to my diet. I can’t drink black coffee without craving a cigarette. Slept a bit later today. I woke just after 7 and then laid in […]