Begin Again

Dilana has lost me. It started weeks ago when she did The Who song. I hated her arrangement, thought she butchered the thing. And her whole low register rasp was getting boring. So she adds some higher notes this week on Every Breath You Take, which goes a long way to begin sucking me back in, and then she turns out to be a real bitch. Women have to be careful, they can’t get away with the same kind of arrogance that a man can. Now Storm has lots of cocky arrogance, but it comes across as playful and self-assured, Dilana is just coming across as mean and bitchy. Not good. She may very well be the front runner, but I wouldn’t buy a ticket to see her in concert.

Ryan Star is bringing it baby! He wants this gig and he wants it bad. He’s totally winning me over and becoming my boy. Oh Lukas, Lukas, Lukas Rossi. What’s going on? I think he’s a really shy person or something, naturally introverted and quiet. He came on strong at first and I think it was an act, now weeks later he’s settling into himself and we’re all getting to see who he really is. That’s my theory. With Dilana too, that now she’s more comfortable and being more like herself, which in her case is not very endearing. But I still hold out hope for Lukas. He might be too short to front Supernova, but I would buy a ticket to see him. I think Magni is a front runner with Tommy Lee and the boys, and he is growing on me too, I’m not creeped out by him anymore. I really liked the Supernova track debuted this week, though I think I would’ve rather seen Lukas or Ryan perform it.

Trying to get my head around work and how to do things and what stuff I need that I am missing and will never have again. I just keep telling myself that it’s okay. I went on the treadmill for a couple of miles awhile ago. I don’t get to walk much outside when I am here, so the exercise was good. Great for the brain. Today a couple of miles, soon a marathon. How crazy will that be?! Anyway, time to work or eat or do something productive.

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: water
Listening To: Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye
Hair: in my eyes

2 thoughts on “Begin Again

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  1. Yeah, I really liked Storm’s original this week, sad to see her go. I’m hoping Ryan will come back too. Had both Lukas’ and Toby’s originals stuck in my head since hearing them, which would seem to bode well for both those guys. From the beginning I’ve thought Dilana and Lukas for the final two, but now I’m leaning toward a Lukas/Toby showdown.


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