Summer is practically over and I’m not sad to see it go. What a freaking terrible summer! Totally broke. Went nowhere. Did nothing. Stress up the wazoo. More time spent crying than drinking wine. What kind of a yucky summer is that?! Surely the tide has turned and fall will be better. I mean I started the year on such a high with the Toronto trip and Bon Jovi and great workshops and a fab AGM and lots of good stuff. Then summer rolled in and everything went to hell. Autumn has got to be better.

I was supposed to go to Fundy this weekend, then back to the Miramichi to be there for Stacy’s party next weekend. Not happening now. Well Fundy’s not. Can I afford to go home again so soon? And then what about Labour Day Weekend? There’s a thing happening apparently, at my parents house. BBQ, sleep-overs, games, fireworks, etc. Sherry says come Friday the 25th and stay until after Labour Day, but dude! That’s another whole week + out of the loop, and I just got home it seems. It costs so much to go. It’s near impossible to get any work done there. The climate always irrates my arthritis. I dunno. I’ll likely just skip everything and go the end of September or October, when I’m really missing the kids and everyone. OR I’ll take into a last minute fit and just show up sometime soon. It’s too much to think about right now. Head aching.

Mood: head-achy, AGAIN!
Drinking: coffee, black, dark roast, cheap generic brand
Listening To: Bullet in the Head, Rage Against the Machine
Hair: getting washed today perhaps

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  1. It seems like the summer went by way too fast. I didn’t accomplish near as much of the “fun” stuff that I wanted to. I’m only just now getting in the swing of trying to have a life and summer is practically over, sigh. Sorry your head is hurting:(


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