Happy Birthday!

It’s my hon’s birthday! Yes, after a month and a bit of having a higher number attached to my age, Stacy catches up today. Whew! That was close. She is working today and so there will be no margaritas (or chocolate martinis) 😦 I am, however, thinking I might want to sneak out later and have a gelato in her name. Sound like a plan? Hell yeah!

Gifts and all that to follow when I arrive later this week. I think we’re going to go out to KD’s Pick of the Vine to celebrate. No last blizzard. But we’ll always have the tee dot.

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: lawnmower man part 336
Hair: wiggy

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

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  1. What is up with you and all the pics of me? Everywhere I look…there I am…up on the web for all to see.

    I have lots of pics of you too missy…

    Oh, I drove by KD’s and they have a patio now!


  2. I thought you would appreciate the visuals to my otherwise text-heavy posting 🙂 And it’s not MY birthday, so don’t go getting any pictorial ideas.

    Oooh! Patio! Can’t wait!


  3. Still, it’s a beginning, and you look so festive! Makes me long for the $12 martini or is it $15? hmmm. I make cosmos all the time now.


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