Month: August 2006

Begin Again

Dilana has lost me. It started weeks ago when she did The Who song. I hated her arrangement, thought she butchered the thing. And her whole low register rasp was getting boring. So she adds some higher notes this week on Every Breath You Take, which goes a […]

Crash & Burn

Sunday evening on a tea and chocolate break from an intense flurry of work activity my computer sputtered beside me and went black. Yes, the black screen of death came calling and my pc answered. I knew this wasn’t good. Tuesday evening my boss picked me up to […]

Loose in the Asylum

So Thursday night I was asleep before 2am which, if you follow my escapades, is a decent time for me, normal, good for rest. I try not to do the alarm thing unless absolutely necessary (like to make sure I get the garbage out on Wednesday morning). For […]

Coulda Been Somebody

Watched “On the Waterfront” the other night and you know I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in its entirety before. Yeah, I’ve seen Brando’s “coulda been a contender” scene lots of times but I have never seen the film. Zip it! Rent it! Buy it! Brando is […]


Summer is practically over and I’m not sad to see it go. What a freaking terrible summer! Totally broke. Went nowhere. Did nothing. Stress up the wazoo. More time spent crying than drinking wine. What kind of a yucky summer is that?! Surely the tide has turned and […]

While I Was Out

So while I was having my spiritual crises and being generally consumed by work and family matters, the town burned to the ground around me. Literally. Yeah, I heard sirens, but I thought it was a just a super duper deadly highway accident. I frigging live here and […]


Three weeks ago things were normal. All was well in my family. We were looking forward to family reunions, camping trips, Fundy tides and more. Then diabetes and everything changed. Sucked the life out of everything. And now, just when one might dare believe that things would be […]


I survived the great rapids reunion of 2006! Though not entirely without incident. Cosmos are sneaky critters. Perhaps I won’t have another one for a long, long time. It was not the fabulous time everyone raved about last year. It was damn cold. And I realised after that […]

Of Course!

My horoscope for today says: “If you have been contemplating executing legal papers of any kind, Kellie, this is NOT the day to do it. Any contract entered into today is likely to have confusing clauses and obscure language that you may not understand and which can potentially […]

Happy Birthday!

It’s my hon’s birthday! Yes, after a month and a bit of having a higher number attached to my age, Stacy catches up today. Whew! That was close. She is working today and so there will be no margaritas (or chocolate martinis) 😦 I am, however, thinking I […]