Another Departure Coming Up

Awake this morning before the alarm. Why? Because having gone to sleep with the windows open and covered only by a thin sheet (it’s been so humid, Saturday night I changed beds a half dozen times seeking some relief and comfort) the frigid temperature this morning wasn’t conducive to sleep. Shades of Fundy. You know when you wake up in a tent on a cold morning after sleeping on the ground all night. It was like that. No complaints here. I needed a break. And you know I can’t wait for sweater season! Winter is my friend.

Late Thursday night a car with Quebec plates pulled into the drive. It wasn’t my landlord’s van but nevertheless I figured it must be him. Perfect timing! We need to talk about bees. Whoever was in the car went into the house. Early Friday morning the car left . . . and it hasn’t come back. Weird. Not my landlord? I need to call him. Something should be done while I am gone to the Miramichi.

Yes, I am returning to the scene of the crime later this week. My train leaves Thursday afternoon, I’ll be back on the Tantramarsh the following Thursday. I’m not making any plans for this visit . . . well, other than a road trip to Freddy on Friday and the family reunion Saturday and Sunday and a hon birthday celebration in there somewhere. But that is all. I will not be run ragged or feel like I haven’t a moment to myself on this visit. Will not over-extend myself. Need to chill and just take things day by day, so I’m not zonked on return.

FYI–when one is alone on a dark stormy night, one shouldn’t consume anything with “exorcism” in the title. Bad idea. I watched “The Exorcsim of Emily Rose” on Saturday night. Ok, so as movies go, it’s not THAT scary, not like “The Ring” kind of scary. But it’s got that “based on a true story” tagline, making it more like “The Mothman Prophecies” kinda scary, where you want to Google the hell out it after you watch it. Of course, all this is amplified when you watch it alone I’m sure. I need to watch again before delivering a final verdict on whether this is a good movie or not. And yeah, I still wanna Google the hell out of it.

Boogie wins the veto. What will Janelle do? The Evil Dr is really starting to come into his own. He is the only reason to watch the show on tv. Hopefully Erika or Diane will get the boot. Because seriously these floaters who are never going to make a move bore the crap out me. Erika is the worst. We’re four weeks into this thing and I still don’t get why people like Janelle and Kaysar. They must’ve played a different game last year or something. James is my favourite out of the seasick bunch. He’s got game. Howie is semi-entertaining in that goofy is this guy for real kind of way. I hope Will gets to the end.

Still Lukas or Dilana for Supernova. I’m rooting for Lukas of course. Shocked Phil went home this early. I liked his bobble. But more than that why the hell is that chick still in this thing?! This disturbs me. What the-?! Inside the mansion episode tonight with song selection. I think I should’ve been a rock star. Being such a creature of the night as I am, where else can I get paid fantastic money and still sleep til noon everyday? Something to thing about.

Mood: indecisive
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: A Public Affair, Jessica Simpson
Hair: ????

5 thoughts on “Another Departure Coming Up

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  1. Dilana kicked it tonight for sure!

    The Season 6 people were totally different last year. It’s strange. Kaysar…like, I don’t even know who he is anymore. Funny how he isnt getting any airtime since he was Americas Favourite last year…he must not be doing anything.


  2. She did for sure. I also enjoyed Ryan Starr’s piano so much I gave him a couple of votes.

    Kaysar is homesick the feeds say, and yeah, he’s doing nothing. I’m wanting Will and Danielle or James for the final two. Taking them to the end should make for good tv. The doctor is totally pulling all the strings in his puppet show. Gotta love it!


  3. hah! i don’t think anyone else noticed. no worries, i don’t have the cd, haven’t downloaded an mp3, she was just on the radio.


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