Cocoon Mode

I don’t know what it is, all the socializing of last weekend, all the weather related stress of the past couple of weeks, all the shock of disease in children, all of these things in combo, but I am longing to cocoon, to lock the door, turn off the computer and phone, and just lie down and watch mindless television for days. Mustn’t give in to the temptation. Must force myself to go out and get the mail, walk around to get the blood flowing, attend to email, work, blog, clean house, carry on and take care of business. It’s hard. This cocooning thing runs in my family. So does manic depression bi-polar stuff, which makes me wonder if I should get tested for chemical abnormalities, or are my up and down mood swings just normal human behaviour? How does one become one of those people who are always up? Drugs? Increased endorfins through vigorous exercise? Yoga? Meditation? Livlier background music? How?

I know you likely want an update . . . but . . . blah!

Mood: tired & sore
Drinking: coffee, french roast, fair trade, organic, double cream
Listening To: Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana
Hair: golden blonde

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  1. I’ve been reading about just that today… also searching for the magic pill to keep me up & cheery & motivated. I think exercise has a lot to do with it…so I’ve heard.


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