Knew It

Our girl Jenny just wasn’t Rock Star material after all. I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t have her mixed up with some other chick on that Global Canada audition show, because the girl who made such a strong impression on me had some killer smoky vocals going on I thought . . . and we never saw that at all from Jenny. I wonder if she’s too old for Canadian Idol. Cuz that Sarah McLachlan stuff would likely fly better there. So now it’s all up to Lukas to bring it home for us. No problem!

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house. Good Lord, can someone exciting win the frigging head-of-household and actually DO something. What a snoozefest this all-stars thing is turning out to be! Can we vote Boston Rob into the house? The house guests keep saying it’s too early in the game to make a move, but damn! If they don’t do something about that Season Six thing soon . . . it’ll be too late.

Big weekend coming up. Trish lands tomorrow. We’ve got jazz, shakespeare, poetry, galleries, theatre, hauntings, cheesecake, a medieval fair and much more on tap. It’s gonna be so outta hand! Good times!

They’re talking about too high air conditioning on Ryan Seacrest. Would you rather freeze to death, burn to death or fall off a building and get your eyelids caught on two protruding nails causing your eyeballs to plop out?

Mood: silly
Drinking: coffee, french roast with cream (hmmm)
Listening To: Little Ally, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest
Hair: too banging

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Last year on BB Kaysar was the one who’d shake things up. Now he’s fallen flat. It’s like they’re all scared to do anything, or they don’t know how to play cuz they know too much about everyone. If Janelle gets HOH and SHE doesn’t do something… I’m not watching anymore.

    Was it on last night? (re: the why we love will post) I didnt hear him say that, that’s hilarious!


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