Last Night

Terrible storm. Blech! I hate lightning. Scary stuff. But even scarier might have been the picture of me sitting in the foyer in the dark reciting dirty limericks and singing Jesus Loves Me because they were the only things I could remember.

A fire at campus residence about 2:30 am. (They have a lot of fires over there it seems.) I thought I smelled something earlier. At least two fire trucks and maybe some ambulance and cops. Couldn’t see any evidence of disaster this morning when I took the trash to the curb. (Yay! I remembered it was garbage day!) But my room did seem to fill with smoke.

The storm cleared out right at 10pm so I could tune into Rock Star. I gotta say I’m disappointed with Jenny Galt. Before the competition started I watched a Global TV special covering the Canadian auditions across the country and she was one of my favourites. I thought she was gonna give everyone a run for their money, but so far she’s just been really unremarkable, as you can totally see from the lack of comments on her blog. She is easy to forget. My boy Lukas continues to bring it though! Loved, loved, loved what he did to the Stones. Shades of Jon Bon in his stage presence last night. Just shades. It was the arrogance perhaps? And like Dave says that’s a good thing.

I wasn’t smitten with Dilana’s Zombie though, didn’t do it for me. But I really, really, really like that song you know, so that factors in. I guess I just would’ve liked some of the high notes. She’s still one of my favourites to win though, if the boys decide to go with a girl for a lead. Patrice is starting to register on my radar. Storm’s stage presence is a bit phony for me. Magni gives me the creeps. Zayra . . . What show does she think she’s on? Why is she still in this thing? Dana’s just too young and sweet. I’m thinking Jenny, Zayra and Dana will be the bottom three. And if they follow the same thing they did last week, then Zayra will be sent packing for being in the bottom two weeks in a row. Though anyone of them needs to go soon.

In other Rock Star news, Dave and Carmen broke up (which puts a whole new spin on all his drooling over Brooke Burke) and Pamela is marrying Kid Rock. What’s Tommy think about that I wonder?

Very disappointed with the Big Brother All-Stars. The only bright spot is Dr. Will. He’s still hilarious. I just wanna shake everyone else and scream, “Play the game already!”

In other reality news, Boston Rob and Amber have landed their own show following their move to Vegas where Rob tries to set himself up as a professional gambler. This one’s got success written all over it. Who doesn’t love Boston Rob and poker?!

Mood: sunny
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: Shout Out to Junior from Veronica, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest
Hair: needs a good dusting

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