good lord how is anyone supposed to function in this weather?! it’s so hazy outside! i’m chronicly nauseous. clammy to the touch. head feels like it’s gonna implode from the pressure. joints beyond aching and well into swelling. i’ve got the sturgeon perma-furrow in my brow. even downstairs offers no relief. i feel like i should eat something, but what? under a humidex advisory and severe thunderstorm watch. cold front moving in apparently. maybe there will be some relief later. for godsake i hope so.

Mood: fading like a flower
Drinking: water
Listening To: nothing, there’s nothing going on out there, nobody mowing, nobody walking, nobody driving past, everybody’s home and past out from the humidity
Hair: curling all over

2 thoughts on “Wilting

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  1. The heat sounds terrible. I wish I could help…you could fill a big bowl with cold water and soak your feet…it should cool off the rest of you.


  2. Well we had our t-storm so apparently the cold front has moved in, though that’s not obvious in the room temperature yet. I’m hopeful that come 4am or so, with all the windows open, the house will cool down finally. It’s just so hard to function like a normal person in a 40+ humidex. I just get stupid with it, thick. Frustrating. Tomorrow is supposed to be better.


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