That’s Hawt

The humidity is insane. That slick with sweat look is very in right now. And my hair! Ouch! Impossible to function in the daylight hours. Luckily I am a creature of the night. Axed my Aliant Internet/Long-Distance Plan today in favour of Skype. Will save $15/month. Cha-ching! First disc of the second season of Deadwood arrived today. I watched both episodes already. I do enjoy that show. Wish I had HBO.

Tonight was a Rock Star night. Just the half hour song selection and clinic episode. Lukas is doing the Stones. I know he comes off as being cocky (but hey lets face it, rock stars are cocky arrogant bastards and that’s why we love them) but I think he’s got the right idea about song selection. Any one of them should be able to do any of the songs. Yeah, they might have faves etc. but is that any reason to fight over choices. I dunno. But for serious I think this season is a bust, Lukas is the only one of these singers capable of hanging with Tommy Lee and the boys. It’s a done deal.

Mood: hot ‘n spicy
Drinking: tea
Listening To: my fan, always my fan
Hair: can you say wrecked? frizzy? humidified?

3 thoughts on “That’s Hawt

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  1. hoping the t-storms hold off tonight til i get to see the performance. the show was taped sunday night and i read an article that says lukas was right on! so, looking forward to seeing that.


  2. Thank the Goddess for Lucas cuz Jenny isn’t bringing it home for us. I like Storm too, and I think she holds her own. But I think those boys prefer their women in a more submissive role.


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