I remember now. It was a white Chrysler New Yorker. Huge gas guzzling boat. God, I loved that car! On the way to Canada’s Wonderland to meet up with my sisters, aunt and cousins on holiday with their youth group. Canada Day weekend perhaps? There were to be fireworks that evening, but maybe they had something like that every weekend in the park. A hot day but nevertheless I was wearing jeans, black jeans to be precise. Because I thought myself too fat to be seen in shorts. Hah! If only I knew then how skinny I really was. On the highway with the windows down and the radio cranked we had a moment of sadness about Freddie Mercury . . . either on his last legs or already gone and a memorial concert happening to raise money for AIDS. Then only excitement at spending the day with my baby sisters. Ruined Jenn on the first coaster, the Mine Buster. I thought I had killed her, lips so blue. No more coasters for us.

Later stretched out on my back looking at the night sky, I wondered where the hell he had gone, if he lost us. Just before the show began he returned, beaming, having won me a huge purple elephant with green spots (years later I would give it to Tracey’s Monica because the thing was just too big to keep around for sentimental value). The most amazing fireworks and lazor light show choreographed with music that I have ever seen. And I’ve seen some fine shows during the International competition over the water at Ontario Place. At the end my sisters walked away with their group like we would see each other again tomorrow. So young and excited to be out in the world with their friends. I watched them leave until I couldn’t see them anymore and then I collapsed in the car, missing them and they weren’t even really gone yet. He pulled me into the middle, wrapped an arm around me and drove home with me sobbing onto the chest of his white Molson Indy shirt, our elephant staring out the passenger side window.

I miss big ugly gas guzzling boat-like cars.

Mood: melancholic
Drinking: coors light
Listening To: backyard fireworks somewhere in the neighbourhood
Hair: thinking on a new colour scheme

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  1. Yes I’ve seen it a few times from the passenger seat of my car…it’s funny.

    So it was the coy…I wasn’t talking about him… face…


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