Life & Death on the Marsh

Crossed a couple of things off my list today. Yay me! Got up at a decent time this morning and went out to the Farmer’s Market (2nd weekend in a row, 2 more and I cross another item off) where I got some bread and a cup of coffee. The Salvation Army Thrift Store is having a 15% off everything sale. CRAZY! I went in search of picture frames and clothes, but I couldn’t even get close to clothes, it was so packed. No frames. I got a nice mug for a quarter though. I noticed The Break-Up is playing at the Vogue. 9pm tonight. Hmm . . . is that on my list? Must check. At Tidewater Books I bought Paulina a book by a local author, K.V. Johansen. It’s called Torrie and the Pirate Queen and is the first in a series. It’s autographed. Maybe she won’t like it. I’ll probably keep it for a Christmas present. This year, I want to get all the kids books if I can. Frenchy’s wasn’t open for some strange reason, so I went downstairs to the discount store. Some great deals on sweatshirts, but I couldn’t think of anything so warm on a day like today. I bought a Van Gogh calendar and a coffee table book about Italy. I wanted to go to the Dollar Store, but by then the noon hour was upon me and I was getting a little sticky and weighed down with parcels so I just came home. Later I’m going to Co-Op for Fair Trade coffee and think I’ll get some beer at the liquor store. Cuz it’s that kind of day! I’m thinking of making chicken quesadillas for supper.

Yesterday afternoon I was under a freaking Tornado Warning for about an hour. Not a Severe Thunderstorm Warning where they mention the possibility of tornados like what they had in Blackville last week that had me so freaked out. Not a Tornado Watch. No, no, no, I’m talking about an actual freaking Tornado Warning! Like there is a tornado, we’re watching it, it’s heading your way, get in the basement now, type of deal. Crazy! So yes, I was scared to death. At first I was fine as I set about getting my safe spot ready, putting on socks and shoes (most injuries in natural disasters occur as the direct result of not having proper footwear), taking blankets downstairs to cushion myself from flying debris (should have taken the futon mattress . . . next time). But once I was all rigged up, the waiting was nerve wracking. Luckily nothing happened here. I saw funnel clouds on the weather channel though. Pictures sent in from viewers in Cap Pele and Moncton. From my journal yesterday afternoon: “My God I am terrified, scared to death. Everything’s gone dark. Thunder in the distance, yet still eerily calm here. Too calm for the marsh. So silent. Sweating like a pig in this humidity. I don’t know when to take to my safe place. I second guess now just how safe it is. It’s hard to do these things all alone. Being brave. Being alone. Is hard. I need one of those weather radios. This not knowing what the hell kinda sucks.”

Mood: starving marvin
Drinking: dryer than a wooden god
Listening To: the fan and motorcycles
Hair: so-so

5 thoughts on “Life & Death on the Marsh

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  1. A Tornado watch.Oh my God.I would have been freaking.Glad you are okay.I would never have thought to dress my feet or anything.You have the brains to make it on your own.


  2. Chicken quesadillas and beer! I’m coming down…it’s 5:30 now, I’ll be there before 9pm.

    A real tornado watch. Wow! You must have been kind of excited though. I mean, I know you were freaking out scared, but lets face it, you do sort of live for extreme weather…lol


  3. Lets just say I was prepared and leave it at that. No need to go into all the details about how I dismantled the shower . . . lol. Yeah, I’ve done my homework.


  4. A tornado watch. This had better not be the weather for next weekend or you can forget about me coming LOL. Of course I wouldn’t let a little tornado keep me from visiting. It would be mucho exciting I think….


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