Ryan’s Roses

On-Air with Ryan Seacrest every morning from 9am-2pm AST at 102.7 KIIS-FM in L.A. California, USA. I’ve been tuning in. You all know I’ve got a Ryan thing, but I just can’t do that Idol show anymore. So this is how I get my fix. And I’m loving it! They do this bit though, called Ryan’s Roses, where if you think your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you they’ll give him a test. Live on the radio with the girlfriend or wife on the line one of the girls from the studio calls the man and gives him some song and dance about a promotion where he’s won a bouquet of a dozen red roses that he can send to whoever he wants. No strings attached. All the guy has to do is give the name of the recipient and a message for the card and they’ll get them out to her. What a trick! I know some people who need to be trying this one at home. Sometimes the guy picks the girlfriend/wife, sometimes he gives the name of a girl that nobody’s heard tell of — and that’s when it gets exciting! Last week the guy said a different name and then they confronted him and he hung up. They called back. He hung up again. The fiance was a wreck. Internet relationship. What do you expect?

Mood: cheerful
Drinking: coffee, not even the cheap stuff, BEYOND the cheap stuff, I’m talking INSTANT! Can you say needs groceries?
Listening To: lawnmower man across the way returns for another annoying OCD summer
Hair: so early 80’s with the flippy feathered sides

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  1. Sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer? Or at the very least Howard Stern! I haven’t watched Idol the last few years, not even the Canadian one. It’s hard to go from watching “Rockstar” to that.


  2. From Wikipedia:

    War of the Roses is a radio play featured on morning radio shows where people are confronted via a phone. In the United States, these programs are staged by actors due to FCC regulations which prevent live phone calls from being aired without permission.

    Segments typically involve a person in a committed relationship – the initiator – who believes that he or she is being cheated on. With the initiator silent on the phone, the host of the show calls the suspected party using a ruse to get them to talk – usually claiming that the suspect has just won a free dozen roses as part of a promotion to be delivered to anyone of his or her choice, with no other obligation other than to “please tell a friend about our great service”.

    During the phone call, the host asks the suspect questions that will hopefully reveal the identity of the subject of their affair, and other questions that may help understand the nature of it. For example, the host will typically ask the suspect for one or two sentences to be used as an optional “personal message” to be included with the gift, before asking for the name of the desired recipient. Once the suspect gives up the name and reveals the secret relationship, the spouse or significant other is free to jump in and chastise the guilty party over the phone.


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